Allods Online Beginner Guide for Paladins

Allods Online Beginner Guide for Paladins
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What Are Paladins?

Paladins are also under the class names of Crusaders, Templars, Reavers and Avengers. In Allods Online Paladins are designed to be the typical tanks in the game – they have the most aggro so they can take a beating from mobs of enemies while team mates whittle them down. Note: For excessively large or strong mobs a healer may need to repeatedly heal the Paladin. Building your Paladin into a tank is only a good idea if you know you will be in a party so the XP will be shared, it is generally not a good tactic for soloing.

Paladins are strong with high defence stats which is what allows them to act as tanks in group situations, but it also means they work well alone too. They level pretty quickly as they can grind without having to regenerate hp as often as most other classes. When you do run low on hp you can heal yourself using a healing spell, allowing you to continue battling enemies much longer than many other characters.

Different Races


The Paladin class appears in four races in Allods online, two in the League and two in the Empire. Each race has a unique skill, which is important to take into consideration when choosing your race.

Kanian Crusader - With the one-hand spear you can use the melee attack ‘Crusader’s strike’ which also damages your enemy over time.

Elven Templar - Deal some major damage with the ‘Templar’s Triumph’ melee attack.

Orc Reaver: The ‘Reaver’s Coup’ melee attack damages both the enemy’s hp and mana.

Xadaganian Avenger – The party orientated ability ‘Avenger’s War Cry’ reduced damage inflicted on party by 50%.

Armor and Weapons


Paladins have leather armor until they reach level 20, when they can begin wearing plate armor. Change to plate armor as soon as possible as it is really much stronger than leather. All armour grants bonuses to Strength, Expertise, Finesse, and Luck.


All players can use one-handed swords, shields and clubs from the beginning. Kanians can also use spears.

Level 10

You can start using one-handed axes and two-handed clubs.

Level 20

Two-handed axes and swords are now available.

One-handed weapons should generally be used with a shield. One-handed weapons deal small amounts of damage quickly while two-handed weapons deal large amounts of damage slowly.


Canons are items that appear in your inventory after using the Prayer ability. Canons are needed in order to cast healing spells. The amount of cannons used depends on the spell.


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Marks allow Paladins to cast the Marks of Pariah onto an enemy. Marks of Pariah is a debuff that negatively effects your enemy e.g. by slowing them down etc. By doing this you make the enemy less of a threat so you can make an easier escape or kill them more easily. Certain abilities will explode the Marks of Pariah and damage your enemy.

Holy Barriers

Holy Barriers are a feature specific to Paladins. They delay damage being received by your character for a certain amount of time. All Paladins have one barrier to begin with, others are received at levels 22 and 40. In short - barriers store damage dealt to you for a specific amount of time, when the time is up you receive the damage.

Holy Barriers are extremely helpful as they allow you to receive a lot of damages at once without dying instantly.


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NOTE: One of the most important things to know when choosing the right stats for your Paladin is that you have the ' Strength of Faith’ ability. This ability means that your Prayer skill depends on the Strength and Finesse stats rather than the traditional (magical) Intelligence and Perception stats.

Important Stats:

Luck – Luck is important for all classes. Luck increases your chances of inflicting a critical blow to an enemy.

Strength – Strength determines the amount of damage you deal to an enemy using both physical and magical attacks. It also effects the amount of healing you can do in one go.

Stamina – Determines your character’s amount of hp.

Finesse – This is an important stat for Paladins planning on PvPing. It determines the amount of damage you can deal to armoured enemies.

Expertise – Effects the chances of missing an attack (physical of magical). So it is very important.

Willpower – Very important if you want to PvP. Willpower increases your chances of resisting control spells. Certain character rely almost completely on control spells so if you can resist them it won’t be a very difficult battle.

Agility – Agility makes you faster therefore increasing your chances of evading an enemy attack.

Endurance – This is especially important if you are planing on Tanking. It decreases your chances of receiving a critical blow.

Paladin Skills

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Skills can be obtained levelled up using skill points gained as your character levels. There are no right or wrong skills to use. Choosing the best skills depends on what type of player you want to be.

Crusader’s Blow – Physical attack that also casts one Mark of Pariah.

Righteous Prayer – Long range magic attack.

Retribution - Small physical attack that also causes any current Marks to explode and damage the enemy.

Overcome – Reduces damage collected in Barrier by up to 50%.

Prayer – Restores up to 20 cannons.

Canon Of Light – Uses 2 cannons to regenerate health over a period of time.

Challenge – Forces the target to attack you specifically for 10 seconds.

Condemnation - Causes any current Marks of Pariah to damage enemy, causes small physical damage and damages the enemy over time.

Healing Touch – Instantly heals an ally for the price of 3 cannons, also causes you to suffer a speed debuff.

Strike of Justice - Rush to target with a physical attack that stuns them.

Purge Pain – Damage stored in a barrier runs out without breaking the barrier.

Tenacity – Reduces damage in the first barrier slightly while also making it the last barrier.

Absolution – Damaged stores in all barriers is distributed among them equally.

Power f Light – Costs 4 cannons. Heals a certain amount of your party – amount depends on the level of your skill.

Penance – Cause Marks of Pariah to damage enemy, while also silencing them temporarily. Also creates some cannons during battle.

Light Nova – Costs 6 cannons to heal all party members.

Paladin Talents


To improve talents or unlock new abilities you can use Rubies. Rubies can be bought from your class trainer once you reach level 10. You can only buy one per level, although you can receive some for completing certain quests.


Shadow Protection - Protect entire party from shadow damage.

Disciple’s Power – Receive a 5% increase in strength.

Gift of Light – Crusader’s Blow costs less energy.

Rage of The Righteous – Increases chance of Righteous Word having a critical effect.

Atonement – Occasionally causes Crusader’s Blow to have a damage over time effect.

Pious Anger – Reduce the cool down time of Crusader’s Blow by 10%.

Zealot’s Fury – Increase Finesse by 5%.

Lust For Revenge – Increase movement speed after using Purge Pain.

Nonchalant – Reduce the cool down time of Purge Pain by 10%.

Righteous Cause – Reduce cool down time of Penance by 10%.

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