Allods Online: Beginner Guide for Healers

Allods Online: Beginner Guide for Healers
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What Are Healers?

Healers can also be found under the names Cleric, Inquisitor, Priest and Heretic in Allods Online. Healers can heal both themselves and others. They generally have low physical attack and defence stats, which means they rely on others to defend them. This makes them perfect for parties and not so perfect for soloing. If you do plan on soloing you will have to increase your physical stats at the expense of your wisdom and Intelligence stats, which will weaken your healing abilities.

Different Races

Each race in Allods online offers its own healer – two in each faction (the League and the Empire). Each race offers a specific ability for healers, this is important and needs to be taken into account when choosing a race.

Kanian Cleric – ‘Tensess Shield’ absorbs incoming damage, the amount depends on your Intelligence stat. It has a cool down time of three minutes and absorbs damage for thirty seconds.

Xadaganian Inquisitor – ‘For the Motherland’ makes your party immune to control spells briefly. This is a very PvP orientated ability, as control spells are mainly used in PvP.

Elven Priest – ‘Priest’s Revenge’ reduces enemy’s mana or hp.

Arisen Heretic – ‘Wisdom of Arisen’ increases Wisdom stat. Very helpful if you are in a party.

Armor and Weapons


Healers use cloth armor until they reach level 20 when plate armor is unlocked. It is crucial that you switch to plate armor as soon as possible as it is much stronger than cloth.

For healers there a two types of weapons – two-handed or one-handed. Two handed weapons are basically designed for close combat situations as they have a high damage stat. Unless you are planning on becoming a damage dealer instead of a healer avoid using two-handed weapons. Presuming you are playing the usual role of the healer use a one-handed weapon to cast from a distance. Of couse it is also important to upgrade your chosen weapon and armor as much as you can.


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The only really important stats for a healer in Allods Online are the following -

Intelligence – Increases melee and spell damage.

Perception – Decreases chance of a enemy dodging an attack.

Faith – Increases efficiency of healing.

Luck – Increases chances of a critical blow.

Wisdom – Increases damaged dealt to armored enemies.


The best way to decide which abilities to choose is to know what they do. Choosing the right abilities for your character means you will have to take into account whether or not you plan on being a full-time healer or not. You will also have to consider whether you will be soloing or depending on a party.

Divine Prayer - Instant heal with a long cooldown and a lot of mana used.

Holy Rage – Melee attack that costs considerable mana.

Holy Shield – A shield is cast for 12 seconds and protects character from damage.

Perpetual Healing – A heal over time spell, probably the best healing spell available as it doesn’t drain a huge amount of mana.

Holy Rejuvenation - Strong healing spell with a cast time of 6 seconds.

Devout Healing – Weak healing spell but has short cast time and requires very little mana.

Entreaty – Heals main character and lowers aggro of current enemies.

Cleansing Flame – Ranged attack causing damage over time.

Devoted Plea – Weak heal with very short cast time.

Calming Prayer – Regenerates mana.

Blind Faith – Ranged attack that paralyses enemy. Cooldown time of 21 seconds.

Purification – remove and debuffs afflicting you.



To improve talents or unlock new abilities you can use Rubies. Rubies can be bought from your class trainer once you reach level 10. You can only buy one per level, although you can receive some for completing certain quests.

Divine Foresight – This is especially useful in party situations. When the ability’s target’s hp drops below% they begin to heal.

Ray of Light – if your health has dropped to under 50% the amount of health you receive is increased by 20%.

Unshakable Faith – Faith stat is increased by 15% for a limited period.

Condemnation – reduces the cooldown time of ‘Banished Words’, ‘Blind Faith and ‘Binding Light’ by 30%.

Ascension – Increases chances of a critical hit by 200% for a limited period.

Divine Instincts – increases chances of dodging an incoming attack when using a two-handed weapon.

Illuminated Mind – Wisdom stat is increased by 15% for a limited period.

Blessed Steel – increases physical damage dealt by 30%.

Banished Words – Silence an enemy – long cooldown time.

Enlightenment – Intelligence stat is increased by 15% for a limited period.

Power of Faith – reduces cooldown time of melee abilities by 20%.

Surge of Faith – Increases effectiveness of abilities that Heal or Damage Over Time by 45%.

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