Allods Online Beginner Walkthrough Guide For Empire

Allods Online Beginner Walkthrough Guide For Empire
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Join The Dark Side of Allods Online MMORPG - The Empire

Unlike the League in Allods Online, the Empire doesn’t have several waypoints before reaching a mainland allod. Players will partake in a tutorial after creating a character for the Empire and then they are instantly thrust into the pre-modern city where most of the quests leading up to level 15 will take place.

The good part about the Empire is that it’s extremely easy to level when partied with other people and given that all the quests are primarily stationed in one map it makes it extremely convenient to get things done. However, the downside is that if players aren’t partied up for most of the time then it will be tough to complete some of the quests quickly or in a timely fashion. Hence, this starter guide will help direct new players on where to go and what to do in the starting points of the game when playing on the side of the Empire.

A Quick Guide Through The Sewers of Allods Online Empire Side

Empire tutorial stage featuring an Astral ship battle

After completing the tutorial involving an epic battle with an astral demon on two fighting astral ships, players get teleported to the sewers where they’re introduced to many of the basic elements of progressing through the game, including the first set of grind-heavy quests.

Some of the quests in the sewers include pummeling on League prisoners, sewer rats and slugs. The prisoners are located in a sewer access directly to the left of the starting point within the sewer. Simply run through the open corridor and pick off the handful of League prisoners to complete the quest. The following quests within the sewers are easy enough and simply require grinding on rats and slugs leading up to the surface.

By the time the rats and slugs quest are completed be sure to turn in the quest with the appropriate NPC and then head topside to speak with the city council NPCs right in front of the city council building.

The Five Pilgrimages Part 1

An Empire Summoner

One of the early quests in the game includes completing the five pilgrimages along with a repeatable quest of laying down flowers at each of the memorials associated with the pilgrimages. These quests can be easy or hard depending on if you’re in a party so it’s best to buddy up with another newbie because two or more players can breeze through the quests quite easily.

After talking with the NPCs and accepting the Pilgrimage be sure to talk with the first Pilgrimage NPC standing in front of the first memorial you’ll encounter in the game on the side of the Empire. Alternatively, you can just check your map and if you have the Pilgrimage quest in tow the quest location should easily show up.

One of the best things to do (to save on time and spare yourself the heartache of running back and forth) is put the flowers down at the memorial after talking with the NPC at the respective memorial. Now some players had a tough time finding out where to put the flowers, but it’s quite easy. Simply look for a statue with reefs or a memorial plaque on the ground and that’s where you place the flowers. To do so go into your inventory and right click the flowers.

The Five Pilgrimages Part 2

That dark scary building is a power plant

The quests for the Pilgrimages are quite easy but usually finding the right NPC is what throws off a lot of players. After completing the first Pilgrimage it’s best to work the map from right to left, heading over either to the Bort or Hadron Quarter to partake in the next set of quests. In Bort, the Pilgrimage will definitely require a party, especially if you’re planning on doing any of the included secondary-sewer quests associated with the Bort Pilgrimage. Also, while you’re there don’t forget to plant the flowers in the memorial.

Accessing the second sewer isn’t too tough as it’s located inside a large warehouse. The stairwell for the sewer is on the left side of the structure and leads downward. With at least three other people the quest can be completed rather quickly. It would also be best to have any other quests located within the second sewer queued up so you can knock those out of the way while you’re working on the Pilgrimage.

The Five Pilgrimages Part 3

Rummaging through an Empire home

The hardest of the Pilgrimages would probably be associated with the tombs and Xaes. Pilgrimage parts three and four can be easy to complete when in a group and the NPCs are simple to find. Now the quest involving the tombs can be tricky if you solo because of the way the monsters spawn and if you’re level 8 or under it can be difficult to complete. However, there are usually a lot of other players within the vicinity trying to complete the same quest. As usual, be sure to invite them to the party or request to party with them to knock the quest out together. Otherwise, trying to complete the tombs quests alone can be very time consuming.

While you’re working on grinding out some of the baddies in the excavation area, don’t forget that if you have the cleansing tomb quest to press ‘T’ in order to spot out which tombs need cleansing. With a little stealth and cunning it’s possible to avoid engaging in a lot of mob battles by running around a lot of the tomb guardians.

The fifth Pilgrimage is located in Victory Park and will require players to travel inside Xaes in order to complete it. This quest is best done after level 8 and with a handful of party members. While in Victory Park it would probably be best to knock out a few of the quests offered by the Janitor NPC and a few others to earn some extra experience and cash.

Empire Starting Quests in Allods Online MMORPG Are Like One Big Family

An Empire Assassin

Just remember that most of the quests involving the Empire when you start off usually revolve around the Pilgrimages. When you take up a Pilgrimage and you want to earn new equipment and items just complete any of the quests handed out by the NPCs within the surrounding area. Most of them are level-based and a few will require party members. In some cases it will involve using ‘T’ to spot out operable items, such as placing the bugs in the houses. For anyone who gets stumped on the quest just go into the buildings where it’s located on the map and press ‘T’ to spot the stools/chairs where the bugs must be placed.

Another quest that usually had new players stumped was finding the goblin hideouts. It’s an early quest and quite easy to complete. Just behind the city council building are two construction sites with goblins. On the map it they should show up as one being above the other in fenced in areas. Simply run in and around both sites and it should count as completing the quests.

Most of the remaining quests for starting players on the Empire side of Allods Online should find them quite easy to complete. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.

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