Allods Online Starter Guide For Scouts

Allods Online Starter Guide For Scouts
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A Starter Guide For Those Who Enjoy Bows And Arrows

_Scouts are no laughing matter at high levels_

Allods Online is bound to be a huge success given its close similarities to World of Warcraft and the fact that it’s free-to-play. Many gamers who have tried Allods usually have a blast playing but ultimately get a little overwhelmed with what class to play and why. And that’s a completely understandable complex given all the playable classes in the game and the sub-class abilities that they can employ. So to help new players get adjusted to this colorfully deep MMORPG, this beginner guide for the bow-and-arrow using Scouts will go over some of the aspects of what makes a Scout a good player class to pick and how some of their abilities can be utilized for both group play and soloing.

So What’s A Scout Good For?

Using flaming arrows to acquire some roasted bear

Usually playing as a long-range character in an MMO relegates players to shooting projectiles at a distance and getting clobbered up close. Not only does it usually result in getting clobbered up close but it results in trying to shoot melee enemies with a bow and usually missing because they’re too close. Thankfully, Allods Online has one of the best Scout classes in any RPG out there.

One of the coolest parts about playing a Scout is that not only can they deal massive damage at a distance with bows and crossbows, but they also have the option of going full melee, complete with the option of dual-wielding swords, axes, clubs and other weapons. I know that it’s a rare option for a Scout in most RPGs, but it’s an awesome option in Allods Online, nonetheless.

Tactics For Grouping And Soloing

It’s not going to end well for one of them

Unlike other classes in Allods, Scouts have two very different styles of play when grouped up with other players and when taking things easy in solo play. In a group, it’s best to stay as far back as your bow will allow and pick off enemies while other teammates do all the nitty-gritty, up-close tanking. Otherwise, trying to get in close and melee attack enemies while in a group battle usually ends with the Scouts kicking the bucket first.

When soloing, it’s far more tactical playing a Scout as players will need to utilize various skills within their talent cache in order to fight tough enemies. Scouts have a series of stun moves, status debuffs and evasive counter attacks to help get them out of a tough bind. Even if a player focuses on melee attacks as a Scout, because of their low defense it’s important to employ many of the skills that come with a Scout in order to keep foes off-balanced and waylaid from attacking.

A Few Tips When Playing As The Scout

Here comes the pain

Acquiring new bows is no easy task in the game and the best bows to obtain (and hold on to) are faction weapons. Yes, getting in good with a faction and getting a bow from them fares much better for Scouts as opposed to some other classes, mainly because the Scout (much like the Warrior or Paladin) is entirely reliant on his or her weapon to get them out of a combat situation. Hence, faction weapons usually carry more damage with faster attack rates. And honestly, who wouldn’t want a faster firing weapon that deals a handful of more points of damage? That’s just common sense. So whether it’s a bow or a crossbow (with mainly the difference being that crossbows fire slower but take more damage) try to complete repeatable missions from NPCs until you have enough reputation in order purchase a new weapon.

Brief Overview Of Scout Skills

Superman called…he wants his cape back

Before reaching level 15, the Scout class only has several attack skills to choose from as well as a few evade moves. The skills that most players will essentially need are the marble throwing skill, the feint teleporting skill and the critical strike skill. It’s entirely up to players if they want the heart breaker skill or the incendiary arrow attack early on in the game. Both attacks are quite similar but the incendiary arrow adds a fire status to foes that burns on them every couple of seconds with fixed damage. Alternatively, the heart breaker skill will add critical damage to an opponent and cause them to trip and fall for a second.

It’s best to spend points wisely on these skills and if you plan on using incendiary arrows you may as well avoid spending any additional points on the heart breaker skill, or vice versa. The advantage of the incendiary skill is that it’s good for bosses or opponents with a lot of life where they need to be worn down. The heart breaker skill is excellent for tripping up opponents and keeping them at a distance.

Now, one skill that’s absolutely necessary to have is the tranquilizer skill, which works wonders for slowing down opponents and preventing them from advancing on you.

If you still need more information on using a Scout in Allods Online, be sure to visit the Official Website.

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