Allods Online League Walkthrough For Starter Allod

Allods Online League Walkthrough For Starter Allod
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Playing In The Minor League

So you’ve played Allods Online and you’re having a tough time getting some of the quests done at the beginning of the game? Well, that’s quite all right because a lot of gamers have it off kind of tough when playing as the League, trying desperately to get off the lost allod. In this starter guide you’ll find some useful tips for completing the quests, finding materials and how to get weapons that will last you for up to 10 levels.

For those of you who have yet to play the game you can consider this a heads-up on what to expect and how to approach the game without finding yourself entrapped with running around the isle like a chicken without a head. There are a few simple things to keep in mind while questing on the lost allod and you’ll find them explained in this walkthrough.

Story Quests And Side-Quests Tips

Amanda handles story-only quests on the starter allod

A lot of players land on the first allod and instantly assume they have to complete every single mission that comes their way, which is not true. There are a lot of side-quests available and a handful of story quests on the first allod players on the side of the League.

Story quests are marked with a special League symbol above the NPC’s head. Getting through those quests will move players one step closer to moving off the starter isle and heading to one of the main allods. Players looking to complete only story-oriented quests can acquire them from Amanda in the campsite located in the middle of the allod.

For players who don’t want to bother with side-quests or don’t mind leaving the beginner allod without a lot of equipment or with a low level can simply stick to completing the quests given by Amanda, which are quite easy to follow and complete.

Party Often And Party Hard

I hope the deer likes the back scratcher

A lot of the quests on the starting allod are primarily designed for parties. Whether it’s the side-quests or the story quests, it’s far easier to get things completed when in a party. Many of the quests involving the Lynx, the Deer or the Addlers can be knocked out with two or more people in just a few minutes. So unlike other MMOs where it’s convenient to solo, it’s actually more convenient and faster to get quests completed in Allods Online when partied up with other players.

For quests that require acquiring ‘X’ amount of an item, such as the repeatable plant side quests or obtaining the Birchwood scrolls, it’s sometimes best to solo in order to grab what you need without worrying about being in the way of fellow teammates or vice versa. The only time it’s beneficial to party for quests requiring item retrieval is if some of the party members have already completed the quest and they’re just accompanying you for the heck of it.

‘T’ Is Your Friend…Always

That’s the result of drinking while flying an astral ship

A lot of players ran into problems with finding certain quest items, such as berries or Birchwood because they were under the impression that the items would glow and would be very easy to spot. And unlike Red Cliff Online or 2029 player’s can’t auto-run to the items. So it’s true that the items can sometimes be tough to spot because everything in Allods blends in so well with the game’s colorfully accented themes. Hence, to absolve this problem the developers allow gamers to use the letter ‘T’ to highlight interactive objects within the game world.

Birchwood scrolls, for instance, can easily be obtained by pressing ‘T’ when near a Birchwood stump or a partially cut down tree. It should glow or pulsate so that all that’s required is to go over and press ‘Z’ to retrieve the item. It’s easier to just walk around and hold down ‘T’ until the quest object is highlighted, though.

The Necromancer And The Damned Soul

Don’t forget to check every inch of the astral ship before leaving

Inside the cave leading to the shore of the parked astral ship there are a few quests that can be obtained from a Gibberling that goes by the name of Lok, in which players will be required to kill a Damned Soul as well as a Necromancer.

The Necromancer is located within the same cave of the Gibberling in an upper level. When inside the cave go to the area where the Necromancer is located on the map and look up near the ceiling and the cleft where the boss is should be visible. Simply run up there (with a few teammates, if possible) and a pile of bodies should be littered around the area where the Necromancer is located.

The Damned Soul is just outside the cave, at the edge of the allod shore, north of the League’s base camp. The Soul is an extremely difficult boss to defeat, even at level 6 or 7. It’s best to form a raiding party in order to defeat the Soul and ensure that at least six other players are available to help dispatch of the Damned Soul. Some gamers may ask what the point is of bothering with the boss, but there are some very good rewards in store for those who complete the mission.

The Astral Ship

After getting off this ship players can get off the island

The Astral ship, just on the other side of the cave, is part of the final story-related quests for leaving the starter allod. Before being able to get aboard players are required to retrieve an access crystal from one of the mutineer archers. After retrieving the crystal it’s time to board the ship. Simply head to the metal teleport pad and press ‘Z’ to hop aboard the ship. The items that are required to complete the mission are located in different areas of the ship. The first item is located in the front of the hull just below the first deck. The second item is located at the very bottom of the ship in the back…just follow the stairs all the way to the very bottom of the ship and in the very back you’ll see the treasure, which is guarded by a giant armored polar bear. The third item is at the top of the ship above the location of the treasure room, located within the Captain’s quarters. Simply defeat the boss and grab the item behind him.

Leaving The Allod…And Never Coming Back

Leaving the newbie allod for good…

One thing to keep in mind is that after completing the final quest mission involving the mutineers on the docked astral ship, players are free to leave the allod and move on to the next area. Once a player leaves the newbie zone then there’s no way to get back by traveling there on foot or via ship.

There is, however, one thing to keep in mind when leaving the starter allod: players can use their adventure stone to teleport back to the allod only if the stone is attuned to the crystal on the starter allod next to the Benefactor. Nevertheless, there really is no reason to go back unless there are a few missions you feel you really need to complete.

Take note, though, the only missions really worth completing are the repeatable ones where reputation can be earned. Getting up rep with the Survivors opens up access for purchasing reputation-based items, which are always more useful than quest-related items (at lower levels).

Hopefully this guide will help a few new players get acquainted with the game. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.

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