Allods Online: Newbie Walkthrough For Summoners

Allods Online: Newbie Walkthrough For Summoners
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A Walkthrough For Summoning

The one class that is probably entirely simplified for gameplay within Allods Online is the Summoner class. It’s a class that has a few magical abilities, light melee capabilities and even the option to heal others. However, Summoners primarily rely on summoned monsters to do all the work for them. In fact, playing as a Summoner is almost equivalent to being a corporate CEO and anything you summon is your (un)grateful worker that makes you all the money, gets you all the fame, has no health guarantees, can easily be replaced with a new summoned entity, and labors with great effort to make sure you don’t die. Yep, just like a corporate CEO.

The Varying Oddities To be Summoned

Summoning a creature

Depending on the side you choose (i.e., League or Empire) will determine on what kind of monster, zombie or creature is summoned. The different races each have varying oddities that can be summoned, including a hunchbacked looking peddler, an undead soldier, a robotic spider or an undead soul. Yep, everything that Summoners summon is kind of freaky.

Depending on whether or not you like ghastly beasts or cybernetic jockeys carrying out your dirty deeds, the option is all up to you. And just so you know, Elves, Arisens and Kanians (i.e., humans) can all be Summoners, since Orcs and Gibberlings can be Wardens they’re not allowed to become Summoners. Elves and humans usually summon wraith or undead type creatures while Arisens focus mainly on summoning robots in the early goings of the game.

Know Your Role

The eerie hall where Summoner trainers reside

Just to ensure that Summoners don’t go off trying to be the leader, the hero or the main man in a battle, Allods Online has newbie Summoners start off without the ability to summon anything. Yep, at the start of the game on either side, players are forced through most of the newbie zones without being able to summon anything. The whole point is to ensure that players know their role and understand that Summoners cannot tank, whatsoever. The main purpose of a Summoner is to provide the role of support for other players, including the option to heal or use a summoned creature to deflect some of the damage away from a tank in the party.

For the most part the beginning of the game as a Summoner has players relying on using distanced projectile attacks as effectively as possible and learning how to strategize as a Summoner. By the time a player reaches level 5 the option then becomes available to activate the ability to summon a creature from the skill list. By that point most players are well aware of the role of the Summoner and usually avoid trying to be heroic by getting up close to enemies and trying to melee them.

Summoner Guide For Staying Alive

A Summoner debuffing a magical barrier

For most of the beginning parts of the game, the direction of the gameplay has players relying on using distanced projectile attacks as effectively as possible and learning how to strategize as a Summoner. By the time a player reaches level 5 the option then becomes available to activate the ability to summon a creature from the skill list. Using the summoned creature and adding talent points to the summon skill is a great way to help keep Summoners out of the thick of battle and focusing mainly on relying on inflicting status damage and keeping a summoned monster alive to do all the dirty work. This pretty much becomes an essential role for the Summoner.

Designating A Summoner As Something Else

The head trainer for Sorcerers and Summoners

Most of the character classes in Allods Online allows players to branch out a class and dip them slightly into another class. Mages can exercise attacks shared by both Druids and Wardens. Scouts can employ some melee abilities usually found in Warrior classes, and Summoners can utilize some skills as a mage (or more closely, a Necromancer) or as a Healer.

Summoners, though, – as mentioned earlier – are entirely designed to be excellent support characters. Alone, many players might find that the Summoner class just doesn’t do a lot of damage or has a tough time taking down enemies. And it’s true, as a standalone class it’s really tough for them to solo given their attributes, weapons and the fact that they focus mainly on long range attacks. However, any party with a Summoner is nearly twice as strong given that the summoned creature can attack along with the player character, which can deal tons of damage when teamed with other party members.

Summoners also work particularly well in parties because while their counter-part does all the melee attacking the player character can heal teammates or inflict status damage to opponents.

Tough For Low Levels, Easy For High Levels

Allod Summoners

Overall, Summoners are a great class if you enjoy supporting teammates or tactically approaching enemies using other creatures to do the fighting for you. They’re also one of the easiest classes to play without needing a lot of guided help from other players in the game. You might want to take note, though, that Summoners start off having a slightly tough time leveling but as they get stronger they’re one of the few classes where earning experience and completing quests gets easier for them, especially as their summoned monsters/creatures/robots get tougher the more they’re leveled up.

For more information on the Summoner be sure to visit the Official Allods Online Website.

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