Runes of Magic - Guide to Dual Class

Runes of Magic - Guide to Dual Class
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What is the Dual Class Feature

Dual class simply means that you can pick and play two completely different classes and be able to fill their roles. For example, you can play either as a Knight and tank for groups on elite quests and dungeons, switch over to a secondary class to heal or dps or you can even create your own hybrid to fill more than one role at the same time.

Once a player reaches level 10 they can learn their secondary class. The player has the option to choose any two of the 6 available classes for their secondary class. It is as easy as talking to an NPC and switching between the two or playing as a hybrid.


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Inside of Runes of Magic player will find themselves able to initially pick one of six classes upon character creation. The class you initially start with doesn’t necessarily mean that is the class you will end up with. While choosing to Dual Class, picking your initially primary class isn’t all that important. However, it is important for you to know just a little bit about each class before you begin your adventures.


Unlike most MMORPGs the warrior class in Runes of Magic is not meant to be a main tank. Rather, the powers of a warrior are meant more for outright melee raw damage. However, in the later levels a warrior tank is possible but knights are more suitable as main tanks. Aside from raw melee damage, the warrior has several area of effect abilities that allow him to strike at several targets at once which makes this class a juggernaut that can dish out some insane melee damage.


The ranged DPS for Runes of Magic is the Scout. They pride themselves on striking down their foes from range with a bow or crossbow. While most of their abilities are used for damage, there are a few tools at their disposal that helps them detect stealthy players and prevent their targets from reaching them.


A typical melee stealth DPS for Runes of Magic. The rogue relies on sneak attacks, poison and attacks from behind to devastate unsuspecting victims. Aside from the ability to stealth, one of the most unique abilities a rogue posses is to increase the chances of better than average loot dropping from slain creatures.


The Mage class is the typical caster DPS in Runes of Magic. They control the forces of elements and bend them to their will to take out their opponents. They are quite possibly the best damage dealers in the game excelling in both single and multiple target destruction. Aside from a huge amount of personal damage they can inflict, they also posses a few spells that can protect their allies.


The main healing class in Runes of Magic is the Priest. This is also the only class that has the ability to heal and revive fallen comrades. They use the element of water to heal and protect their allies. However, don’t let that fool you for the power of water can also be sued to dish out an impressive amount of damage as well.


The true tanking class in Runes of Magic is the Knight. The Knight class posses the best tools for both damage mitigation and aggro domination. While their damage is relatively low compared to other classes, they excel in the ability to solo many things other classes cannot. If tanking is your thing and the idea of soloing some of the most powerful creatures in the game excites you, this class could be for you.

How To Dual Class

Dual Class Guide Runes of Magic

Upon reaching level 10 you will get a quest that tells you to seek out the class trainer in Varanas, a huge city. Once there you need to meet with an NPC in the Class Hall ( in game coordinates 56.9, 81.3). Be sure to read everything if you are still confused. One key point to bring home here is that you can not undo your secondary class. If you feel you have picked the wrong one, you simply have to start all over again with a different character.

So once you have decided on a secondary class, simply talk to the respective class NPC and viola

Runes of Magic MMORPG Dual Class

! If you still need more information on what each class does, the NPC will tell you a little bit more detail about them.

In order to utilize abilities from your secondary class, you first must ‘change into’ your secondary class. You can do this by visiting the class trainer NPC or simply by visiting your house, talking to your house maid (the NPC inside your house) and setting up the options there. Once the class options screen is pulled up, you can either change to the secondary class completely or start adventuring as a hybrid.

Primary Class vs. Secondary Class

Your primary class is the class that you currently are. If you started with a Knight and dual classed a Scout than your initial primary class would be Knight while your secondary class would be Scout. However, once you change your into your secondary class it will become your new primary class.

There are a few abilities that are class specific and can only be used if your current primary class is active. For example, a Priest has the ability to revive dead allies. The only way to revive the ally is if you are a priest and are currently using your Priest as your active primary class. While you are able to use a few abilities from your secondary class you can not use a class specific ability from your secondary class.

It still leaves a lot of flexibility though. A warrior that can heal himself/herself or a mage that can melee is all possible.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly About Dual Class

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Dual Classing in Runes of Magic allows players a lot of flexibility. However, it comes at a price. You see, as you gain experience through adventuring and questing your character gains both experience points and talent points (TP for short). Talent Points are used to increase the effectiveness of your abilities and spells. Experience is used to measure your level for whichever class is your primary class.

The TP gained for completing a quest or killing a creature will only apply to which ever class is active. So if you are dual classing as a Knight/Scout, you can only spend your TP to increase the abilities of your Knight. The same goes for experience gain. Once you start dual classing, your secondary class starts out at level 1. Therefore you basically have to start the grind all over again to make your secondary class more effective. So be sure to switch over and change into your secondary class throughout your adventures to take the full benefit of the dual class feature. All throughout the game you should typically strive to keep both your primary class and your secondary class around the same level.

Each Class has a separate XP bar - Runes of Magic

The dual class feature can make your character much more effective in combat but it requires more time to take full advantage of it. Fortunately or unfortunately, dual classing is basically unavoidable in Runes of Magic. Choosing not to have a secondary class would result in a very weak character. Not only do you get 10% of the stats of your secondary class, but the extra abilities are always extremely useful. Whether you get heals, more damage, or just the ability to use attacks that utilize a different type of “mana pool” (like a knight who uses mana for knight attacks, and energy for rogue attacks), you will definitely need that secondary class.