Runes of Magic Resource Gathering Walkthrough 1 to 20

Runes of Magic Resource Gathering Walkthrough 1 to 20
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General Overview

Runes of Magic, one of the newest MMORPGs, is a free-to-play, pay-for-perks game published by the Denmark company Frogster. While the gameplay is not overly complicated, players have much to do and a relatively sizeable world to explore. One of the overarching themes of the game involves resource gathering for crafting purposes as well as for purchasing epic powers. In a rather unique twist, players are able to obtain all resource gathering skills and learn all crafting skills, but they will pick which skills to master at a later date. The ranks for skills are as follow:

  • Apprentice: Level 1-20
  • Craftsman: Level 20-40
  • Adept: Level 40-60
  • Master: Level 60-80

Players may be apprentices in any of the skills, but they may only pick six skills to raise to Craftsman level. Only three skills may be taken to the Adept level, and players may only choose to Master one skill.

How to Begin

You may obtain three gathering skills that allow them to mine ore, pick herbs, or chop wood. Each of these skills may be leveled from 1 to 20, allowing you to gather a total of 15 types of resources before making choices about specialization. As soon as you finish the tutorial, you start your adventuring life in Pioneer’s Colony. You may immediately obtain your resource gathering skills from key NPCs in the quest hub known as Pioneer’s Colony.

  • Woody Wood – Woodcutting Instructor (27.6, 72.8)
  • Alice - Herbalism Instructor (26.2, 71.7)
  • Hansen - Mining Instructor (22.9, 69.6)

Before adventuring out to even do one quest, pick up all three skills and the quests offered by these instructors. Now you are ready to start your adventuring life.


Woodcutting occurs when you find a stump giving off pretty little sparkles, right clicking it, and watching your character swing away with a hefty axe that she pulls out of her backpack. (I am assuming she pulls it out of her backpack. There is no telling where she actually keeps it.) Prepare to have a few failures when you first start trying your hand at chopping wood. Your character is not very good at it yet. The following wood types are available to you from levels 1 to 20 as an Apprentice Woodcutter:

  • Ash – Requires Level 1
  • Chime – Requires level 1
  • Willow – Requires Level 8
  • Stone Rotan – Requires Level 11
  • Maple – Level 14

Chime and Stone Rotan wood are rare spawns, and they will not begin showing up until the second halves of the first two zones.

Once the resources are gathered, they can be refined. Recipes can be bought from any woodcutter. There are woodcutters in Pioneer’s Colony and in Varanas, the main city in the second zone. The recipes go up in cost as you go up in level, and for the higher tier resources, the resources can be additionally refined.

Save 70 of the ash and willow that you gather and refine them all the way to lumber. You will need three of these in order to obtain your level 15/15 and 20/20 epic powers.


Beetroot node in RoM

When herbing, look for sparkling, grass-like models. On your mini-map, you get a green squiggle that represents herbs. Once you find the specimen you wish to collect, simply left click on it, and your character will rapidly begin gathering samples. Do not be disheartened if you fail a few times in trying to gather your resource. Just keep trying. The following herbs are available to intrepid gatherers from level 1 to 20:

  • Mountain Demon Grass - Requires level 1
  • Rosemary - Requires level 1
  • Beetroot - Requires Level 8
  • Bison Grass - Requires Level 11
  • Bitterleaf - Requires Level 14

Rosemary and bison grass are rare spawns. Bison grass looks like a pink plant with bubbles falling off of the leaves. These will not begin showing up until the second halves of the first two zones. They are used in some of the more powerful crafted items.

Once you gather the herbs, they can be refined into bundles and then saps. Recipes must be bought beyond the initial Mountain Demon Grass bundle. They will increase in cost as you go up in tiers. Save at least 70 Mountain Demon Grass and Beetroot because you will three saps of each in order to obtain your epic powers at level 15 and level 20.


Mining nodes show up as big lumps in different colors, and they will have sparkles winking around them. To mine, simply walk up to a node, click on it and watch your character whip up a trusty pick. You will peck at it for some time, and do not be discouraged if you fail the first few times. You will get better the more you mine. The follow metals and the corresponding skills required to mine them are as follow:

  • Zinc - Level 1
  • Flame Dust – Level 1
  • Tin - Level 8
  • Cyanide – Level 11
  • Iron - Level 14

Tin Node in RoM

Flame dust and cyanide are rare spawns. Flame dust shows up as bright purple spikes jutting from the ground. Again, the sparkles will be evident. Cyanide looks like a cluster of green crystals, and they, too, will have the sparkles indicating that you have found a resource node. Both of these will not occur until later in the zones they occupy.

Metals must be refined into sand or nuggets, and you will have to buy recipes beyond zinc sand. Recipes will increase in price as you progress into higher tiers of metal. Save at least 70 zinc and tin in order to refine them into three nuggets apiece. You will use these to buy your level 15/15 and your level 20/20 epic powers. You will need to find blacksmithing tools in order to perform the refining process.

Refining Process

All refining processes require tools, and they can be found in the Lower West city of Varanas or at the following locations in Logar:

  • Woodcutting tools (52.9, 47.2) - near Nicole
  • Blacksmithing tools (51.6, 44.5)
  • Alchemy tools (45.3, 44.0) - Near Hinhus

To refine your resources, simply open up your skills list (originally bound to the “k” key) and pick either Smelting, Woodcutting, or Extraction while at the appropriate tools. You will need two of each resource for the first step of refining, and then you will need six of each of the first step in order to create the second step of refining. So, at this point, you need at least 12 of the original resource in order to create the second set.

Progressing Beyond Level 20

Quest for Herbalism level 20

In order to train to be a Craftsman, you must locate the instructors in Varanas and do a quest for them. Be reminded that you may become a craftsman in only six skills, and choose wisely. The instructors can be deceptive and hard to find. They are labeled as Novice Instructors, and they are located in the Lower East part of the city. They are a bit south and west from the teleport point, and they are standing near the adept trainers. Each one will have a quest available once you reach skill 20 with the correct resource gathering skill.

Novice trainers can be found at the following locations in Varanas:

  • Lausan – Woodcutting Novice Trainer (41.1, 24.0)
  • Nata – Herbalism Novice Trainers (41.3, 23.6)
  • Olute – Mining Novice Trainers (42.8, 23.1)

You must have a 20in the resource gathering skill before you can become a Craftsman. For each of resource, you will need 20 of the first tier resource in order to complete the quest. For woodcutting, you will need 20 ash (unrefined), and you will receive a book called Woodcutting – Craftsman for your efforts. Simply read this book (by right clicking it in your inventory) in order to be able to earn skill points beyond 20 in woodcutting. For herbalism, you will need 20 demongrass (unrefined). Turn it in to Nata, and you will receive a book called Herbalist – Craftsman. This book can be read, and you will be able to continue to progress in herbalism. Last but not least, you will need 20 zinc in order to obtain Mining – Craftsman from the Novice instructor, Olute. Again, the resource does not need to be refined.

Level 40 Herbalism in RoM


Resource gathering is an excellent way to make money in Runes of Magic with very little effort. Resources are vital for the crafting system and for leveling up guilds, so they sell relatively quickly. For the first two epics, all players will need each type of resource with the highest refinement available, so be sure to sell them in stacks of three. Happy gathering!