Walk through for Knight's Sword and Blurite Mining on Runescape

Walk through for Knight's Sword and Blurite Mining on Runescape
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Mining blurite ore is a member’s only perk in the world of Runescape. In order to be able to mine and process this ore, members must embark on a free-play quest called the Knight’s Sword which starts in Falador in the White Knight’s Castle. Blurite can be used to make a relatively powerful beginner’s sword, and it can also be used to make a blurite crossbow and bolts.


Your character should be capable of the following skills or feats before you embark on this quest:

  • Level 10 in mining skill
  • Able to dodge or live through a hit from level 57 monsters

You will also need the following equipment or items:

  • Redberry pie (bought or made)
  • A pick axe
  • 2 iron bars
  • Blurite ore

The following NPCs will be vital to your quest:

  • Sir Vyvin’s Squire – Falador, White Knight’s Castle
  • Reldo – Dwarf in Varrok Castle
  • Thurgo – Dwarf in a shack south of Port Sarim

Getting Started


The first step in this quest is finding the Squire in the White Knight’s Castle in Falador. Be careful clicking around in the area since several knights are wandering around and will happily beat the stuffing out of you. Find the Squire in the courtyard of the castle and strike up a conversation with him. You will discover that he has lost his master’s sword. Tell him that you will help him make a new one, and you will discover that the original sword was forged by Imcando Dwarves.

At this point, ask the squire if the dwarves will make him another sword, and he will instruct you to head to Varrock Castle located northeast of Lumbridge across the bridge. Tell him that you will find out about the dwarves and try to help him, and he will remind you that his master, Sir Vyvin, cannot find out about the loss of his sword.

Heading to Varrock

Next, head over to the eastern side of Varrock and into the castle to look for a dwarf named Reldo. He sometime wanders, but he is usually standing around in the library. Talk to him and ask him about the Imcando dwarves. After, he tells you that those particular dwarves are now very scarce due to a war with the barbarians, but he thinks one lives near the cliffs in Port Sarim.

At this point, you want to make sure that you have a redberry pie in your inventory before you go to seek Thurgo south of Port Sarim. You can either buy one from the Grand Exchange or make one yourself. (Redberry bushes can be found outside the southeast wall in Varrock.) You can go ahead and make sure that you have 2 iron bars (not ores), your trusty pickaxe for mining, and plenty of food.

Head to Port Sarim to Find Thurgo


Now, head to Port Sarim, and go south of the city. Along the cliffs, you will find a brown hut with a dwarf nearby. Start a dialogue with the dwarf and offer him some Redberry pie. Give him the pie and talk to him again. He will tell you that he can make the sword if you have a picture of it. It is now time to head back to Falador.

Head back to the White Knight’s Castle in Falador and speak to the Squire again. He will tell you that Sir Vyvin has a picture of the sword inside his cupboard. Go up the central ladder in the castle, and then head up the grand stairway. To the south, a small room with a cupboard on the north wall resides. Go into the room, open the cupboard, and get the picture for Thurgo. At this point, you can exit the castle. If you do not yet have the iron bars (not ores) in your inventory, go ahead and get them, your pickaxe, and some food. (If you want to make a blurite sword for yourself, bring 4 iron bars.)

Finding the Blurite Ore

Now head back to Port Sarim, and Thurgo will tell you that he needs two iron bars (which you have in your inventory along with your pickaxe) and a blurite ore. The blurite ore can be found nearby. Look for the red exclamation point to the north and slightly east of Thurgo’s hut. Enter the cave and be careful. Almost all the NPCs in the area are aggressive.

Mining for Blurite

Try to stick to the walls and sprint through the cave. You will pass muggers, then pirates and then some goblins. Use food and sprint away if you need to do so. In between the cavern sections, you can usually find a space away from wandering NPCs that you can rest up and recover your health. Soon, you will get to some caves that are covered in ice. Level 53 and 57 Ice Giants and Ice Warriors will be roaming the area. The blurite ore is in this room, and you can sneak along the walls to get it. (I recommend going during active times. Other players can often keep the high leveled NPCs occupied while you grab the ore.)

Time the patrol carefully and do your best to avoid the warriors and giants. They can do quite a bit of damage. Get your ore, and then head back into the corridor where you will be safe for a bit. Recover your sprinting action points here, and when you believe you are ready to head out, sprint back to the entrance.

Finishing Up the Quest

At this point, you have everything you need to finish up the quest. Go to Thurgo and ask him to make the sword. He will take two iron bars and a blurite ore and craft a sword for you. If you want him to make another sword, simply drop the sword you are holding and talk to him again.

Take the sword back to the Squire in Falador and give him the sword. (Make sure to drop the extra one if you had two made for you. The Squire will take both of your swords, otherwise.)

You can go back and mine as much blurite ore as you would like for your crossbow and bolts. Simply use the strategy you used on this quest to get to the ore.


You will receive the following rewards for finishing this quest:

  • 1 quest point

  • 12,725 Smithing Experience Points


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