Runescape Ranging Iron Dragons

Runescape Ranging Iron Dragons
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Requirements for Runescape Ranging Iron Dragons

Not everyone can use Ranged on Iron Dragons because it would just take too long and this method will only waste time, money and you’ll probably end up dying. To do this effectively you will need;

  • At least 70 Ranged
  • The ability to wear Black Dragon hide Body (or full Void)
  • At least 500k
  • Around 6-8 Anit-Fire potions
  • 2-4 Ranging Potions.
  • Several High Level Alchemy spells (in case you get the odd Rune sword)
  • Ava’s Accumulator (not required but it is recommended)
  • Adamant Bolts (For a cheaper alternative you’ll need 55 Slayer to buy Broad Bolts)
  • A hatchet (Adamant or Rune would do just fine).

Having a reasonable level in Defense is also pretty handy because you will be running through several high-leveled monsters to reach the Iron Dragons.

Inventory, Equipment and Getting There

Inventory Set Up

Equipment Set Up

Go To Brimhaven and enter the Dungeon

Once you enter the Dungeon, follow this route

Iron Dragon Ranging Guide

Once you arrive you can begin Ranging Iron Dragons, but before you run in blindly firing bolts you will need to make sure certain things are in use;

  1. Equip your anti-dragon shield (or dragon fire shield) in case your Anti-Fire potion wears out.
  2. Take 1 dose of Anti-Fire potion to become immune to the fire it breaths out.
  3. Take 1 dose of Ranging Potion to make sure your hits are as high as they can be.
  4. Switch to either Accurate or Rapid (Rapid for Ranged levels over 80 and Accurate for lower).
  5. Make sure you have bolts equipped!

Killing Iron Dragons sounds pretty simple but it can get complicated if you let things run wild. Every 6 minutes your Anti-Fire potion will wear off but before it does, it gives you a warning, the moment you see the warning you will need to take another dose straight away or else you will be injured.

While Ranging Iron Dragons you will sometimes need to collect your bolts (people with Ava’s Accumulator won’t need to read this), make sure you do it just before the dragon casts its fireball or else it will hit you with melee.

Possible Loot

The rare Draconic Visage

Iron Dragons drop a very large variety of items but the items they drop 100% of the time are Dragon Bones and 5 Iron Bars. You shouldn’t loot the bars. If you want you can keep the Bones or bury them but it’s recommended that you bury them because they could clog up your inventory if you get something good. The drops you should look out for will be listed from most expensive to cheapest;

  • Draconic Visage - 15 Million Coins.
  • Dragon Platelets - 210K Coins.
  • Dragon Plate skirt - 160K Coins.
  • Shield Left Half - 66K Coins.
  • Teeth Half of a Key - 47K Coins.
  • Starved Ancient Effigy - Untradeable but gives very high amounts of experience.
  • Dragon Bones - 6K coins. You can either keep them or bury them but it’s recommended that you bury because they can clog up your inventory.

There are nearly 50 more items you could receive, from clue scrolls to Rune Javelins which are completely your choice to take or leave.

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