Best Places to Mine Gold in Runescape

Best Places to Mine Gold in Runescape
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The Grand Tree Mine

If you’ve completed the Grand Tree quest, the Grand Tree mine can be a very lucrative place to obtain gold ore. Here, there are four gold rocks along with several other rocks containing ores such as silver, mithril, adamantite, and coal. Often, you’ll be the only miner in the area so you won’t have to worry about competing for the ores. Also, there’s a bank fairly close by on the second level of the Grand Tree so you can dash to drop off your inventory and return to the mine without wasting much time at all.

For those that have also completed the Tree Gnome Village quest, it’s easy to teleport to this area using the Spirit Tree. This is particularly nice if you want to mine for awhile and then go sell your gold ore on the Grand Exchange or smelt it into gold bars at the furnace in Edgeville.

Crafting Guild

Gold Rocks at Crafting Guild

If you have a Crafting level of at least 40, you’ll be able to access the gold rocks in the Crafting Guild. On top of having the proper Crafting level, you’ll also need to be wearing a brown apron to get in the guild. The mine is located in the eastern part of the guild and has seven gold rocks along with rocks containing silver and clay.

The Crafting Guild mine is accessible by all players, both F2P and members. One drawback to this location is that it is a fairly good distance away from the nearest bank in Falador so you may want to take advantage of certain teleport devices, such as the Skills Necklace, to speed up your mining and inventory-to-bank runs. Also, this location can be quite crowded at times, especially on F2P worlds.

TzHaar City Mine

TzHaar City Mine

Despite the fact that the TzHaar City mine only has three gold rocks, it’s still an excellent place to mine for gold ore because of the limited mining competition and the closeness of the mine to both a bank and a furnace.

This mine also contains three silver rocks, so you can augment your gold mining a bit to help pass the time while waiting for the ore to respawn. Or, if you have the proper molds and gems, you can smelt the ore into bars at the furnace and then craft some jewelry.

Also, this mine is extremely close to the gold rock area near the entrance of the Karamja Volcano, which has four additional gold rocks. So, you can easily dash back and forth between the two locations, having access to seven gold rocks total. The Karamja Volcano Mine area is accessible by all players, but TzHaar City is a members-only area.

Other Gold Mines

There are several other gold rock locations in Runescape, but many of them require the completion of advanced quests or are inconvenient for other reasons. F2P players may want to check out the Al-Kharid mine, the Rimmington mine, or the Dwarven mine, each of which has two gold rocks. There are also four gold rocks on the northeast beach of Crandor.

If you’re a member, you may want to head to the north-western mine in Brimhaven, which has 10 gold rocks, or the Arzinian mine, which has an astounding 146 gold rocks. This latter mine is only available to those who have completed the Between a Rock… quest, though, so you might have to put in some questing time if you want access to this mining location.

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