Runescape Grand Exchange - Buy and Sell Your Way to Millions

Runescape Grand Exchange - Buy and Sell Your Way to Millions
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Getting to the Grand Exchange

Before you can get started trading on the Grand Exchange (also known as the GE), you have to be able to get there. This massive trading market is located in Varrock just west of the Palace and east of Edgeville. In addition to Grand Exchange clerks, there are also a number of bankers at the Exchange. This means that you don’t have to worry about picking up the items you want to sell before heading to the market – you can pull them out of the bank right on the spot.

At the GE, members can trade (buy or sell) up to six items at a time. Free-to-play players are limited to two trading slots at a time, but if you’re buying or selling a heavily traded item, this won’t make much of a difference since the trade will often occur within moments of being offered. Also, you can buy or sell as much of one item at a time as you like. For instance, if you’re a new player trying to get rich selling polar kebbit fur and you have 500 furs to sell, all of these furs will only take up one slot in your trading menu.

Selling Items on the Grand Exchange

One of the things that makes the Grand Exchange such a great place to earn money is that you don’t need to have a high level character to obtain items that are high in demand. In fact, there are many items that require no skill whatsoever to obtain that will fetch a decent price on the market. One example of this is swamp tar – an item that you can just pick up off the ground in the Lumbridge Swamp. Swamp tar can sell for anywhere between 200 and 250 gp (sometimes more) on the GE. That can be a pretty nice score for a brand new player who wants to get a jump on making money in Runescape.

To sell an item on the Grand Exchange in Runescape, first talk to one of the bankers and withdraw that item as a note. You can switch to note withdrawal mode by clicking on the icon in the middle of the bottom of the bank window as shown in the screenshot below. (Click any image for a larger view.)

Withdraw Item as a Note

Withdrawing items as a note means you can withdraw as many as you like and not have to worry about inventory space since notes stack in your inventory. Note that items that are already stackable cannot be withdrawn as notes.

Once you have the item in your inventory, talk to a GE clerk and gain access to your offers. Click on the Sell icon in one of the empty slots.

Selling an Item on the Grand Exchange

Next, click on the item that you want to sell in your inventory and it will appear in the Sell Offer window.

Set Price of Item

Now, you can adjust the price that you want to ask for the item within 5% of the current market price. When done, click the Confirm Offer icon and you’ll be returned to your list of Grand Exchange offers.

If the item is in heavy demand, it may sell right away, but it could take longer. However, you don’t have to worry about waiting around at the Grand Exchange for your money when it does sell. Once someone has bought the item, you’ll be notified in the game messages area that one of your offers has been updated. Then, all you have to do is go to any bank in Runescape and collect your money.

Buying Items on the Grand Exchange

The process for buying items is very similar to selling on the Grand Exchange. First access your Grand Exchange offer screen, and then click on the Buy icon in one of the empty slots.

Buying Items on the Grand Exchange

You’ll next see a Buy Offer window that looks a lot like the Sell Offer window from the previous section. Also, a Grand Exchange Item Search box will appear in the game message area in the lower left corner of your screen. Here, you can type in the name or the partial name of the item you want to buy and the game will search for all possible matches to that name. For example, if we type in talisman, we get a list of all possible items that contain the word talisman that can be traded through the GE.

Searching for a Talisman to Buy on GE

Once you’ve located the item you want to buy in the search box, click on it and it will appear in the Buy Offer window. As with selling items, you can adjust the price, depending on how much you are willing to pay, to within 5% below or above the current market price. Before trying to buy an item, you must have the gp needed to make the transaction in your inventory. That money will automatically be deducted from you and used to pay for the item if it is available. If you happen to offer more for an item than what someone else is selling it for, you’ll get that extra gp back when the trade is completed.

Buying a Death Talisman on the Grand Exchange

When you’re ready to make the buying offer, click on the Confirm Offer icon. If you think the item is too expensive or if you’ve just changed your mind about making the purchase, you can exit the screen by clicking on the X in the upper right corner or the white back arrow in the lower left corner.

Just like with selling items, you don’t have to wait around for the trade to be finalized. In fact, if you’re trying to buy rare items, it may take quite a bit of time for this transaction to occur. Instead, you can continue to go about your business and you’ll be notified when your offer has been updated. Then you collect your purchase and any leftover gp from the original offer at any bank in Runescape.

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