Runescape Quest Guide: Walkthrough for Eagles’ Peak Quest

Runescape Quest Guide: Walkthrough for Eagles’ Peak Quest
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Eagles’ Peak Quest Overview

The Eagles’ Peak quest in Runescape may not have a lot of prerequisites or combat requirements, but it could require a whole lot of walking if you don’t have access to any teleport abilities. However, if you discount the walking, the quest itself is quite a bit of fun and has a pretty interesting storyline. In addition, if you want to learn how to catch ferrets and rabbits, it’s a good idea to complete this quest as soon as you can.

Prerequisites and Needed Supplies

Eagles’ Peak is a members-only quest, but other than that, the only prerequisite is a Hunting Level of 27. The only monster you’ll face in this quest is a level 13 kebbit that is relatively easy to kill unless you have an extremely low combat level. In addition, you’ll need the following items, but most of these can be gathered along the way in the quest:

  • Swamp Tar – The Lumbridge Swamp is the easiest place to go to when looking for swamp tar. However, you can pick this up along the way in the quest. We’ll talk more about that in a later section.

  • Yellow Dye – You can obtain yellow dye either from the Lleyta Seamstress’ Shop or from Aggie in Draynor Village. Since you need to stop by the Lumbridge Swamp to pick up the swamp tar, it’s probably easiest to get this from Aggie. If you take her 2 onions and 5 gp, she will make the dye for you.

  • 10 Giant Feathers – These will be gathered during the quest when you first meet Nickolaus. We’ll cover more on this later in the walkthrough.

  • 50 gp – The Fancy Dress Shop merchant in Varrock will need 50 gp (in addition to the other supplies) when making the eagle costumes needed for the quest. You might also need a few extra gp for purchasing the yellow dye.

Now it’s time to get out your walking shoes or your favorite teleport means. If you’re able to use the fairy rings, they’ll be a big help here so go ahead and grab your dramen staff from the bank. The first stop is East Ardougne.

Step 1: Ardougne Zoo

Start off by traveling to the Ardougne zoo that’s located in the southern part of East Ardougne. (Click any image for a larger view.)

Once there, look for Charlie near the southwest entrance of the zoo. He wanders around a little, but he can usually be found just inside the southwest entrance near the scorpion exhibit.

Talking to Charlie at the Ardougne Zoo

When talking to Charlie, choose the option to discuss a quest when it appears. He’ll start to talk about a northern ferret that managed to escape during its delivery to the zoo. He’ll go on to say that a huntsman named Nickolaus had agreed to obtain another ferret for the zoo, but he hasn’t been heard from in awhile. Then you’ll be asked to go look for Nickolaus. Ask Charlie where he can be found, and the zookeeper will suggest that you check in the mountains west of Gnome Stronghold.

Step 2: Eagles’ Peak

Now, you’ll want to start making the trip over to Eagles’ Peak. If you have access to the Fairy Rings, you can get there a little quicker by teleporting to the ring near the Woodland Hunting Area and the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, and heading toward Eagles’ Peak from there. Otherwise, it’s not that bad of a walk. When you get to the area, head toward the northwest side of the mountain.

Location of Tent Near Eagles Peak

In this area, you’ll find a tent and some items scattered around on the ground right outside of it.

Tent at the Base of the Mountain

Inspect the books that are strewn out all over the ground and you’ll find a Bird Book that will be transferred to your inventory. Click on the option to read the book. Not only will this open the book, but it will cause a metal feather to fall out of it. This will also appear in your inventory.

When you’re done reading the book, go to the top of Eagles’ Peak. You can either walk up the path that winds to the top of the mountain, or you can climb the rocks that are right next to the then if your agility is high enough (25 or greater).

Top of Eagles Peak

At the end of the path on top of the mountain, you’ll find a rocky outcrop. Inspect the outcrop and you’ll notice a slot in the middle of the rock that has a carving of a feather above it. Use the metal feather on the rocky outcrop. This will cause a door to open that leads into a tunnel in the mountain.

Door in Rocky Outcrop on Eagles Peak

Continue on to the next page for the next steps needed to complete Runescape’s Eagles’ Peak quest.

The Mountain Tunnel

Enter the cave entrance and walk east just a few steps. You should see a feathered journal laying between some rock formations.

Location of Feathered Journal

Take the feathered journal and read it if you like. It may not be crucial to the quest, but it definitely adds to the ambience. When you come to the east-south juncture in the cave, start to head south and you will see Nickolaus standing across a chasm. Even though he’s on the other side of the chasm, you’ll be able to talk to him.

Finding Nickolaus

Nickolaus will tell you that he has just discovered the nest of a giant eagle. If you talk to him a little more, he will admit that he is trapped. Offer to help him, and he will ask for your assistance in creating a disguise to fool the eagles. He’ll tell you to go to the fancy dress shop in Varrock to get a disguise for both you and him, but don’t leave yet!

The merchant at the fancy dress shop will want 10 giant feathers as part of the materials for the costumes. These will appear on the ground around you after you finish talking to Nickolaus. Be sure to pick up at least 10 feathers before leaving Eagles’ Peak. Since the giant feathers stack in your inventory, you can grab as many as you like so it doesn’t hurt to pick up a few extra.

Pick Up Giant Feathers

Note that even though these items are marked as giant feathers when you pick them up off the ground, they will be called Eagle feathers when they show up in your inventory.

Stopping in the Lumbridge Area

Now, it’s time to start making your way to Varrock. However, you can save a bit of time if you pick up a couple more things on the way. In addition to the feathers, the fancy dress shop merchant will also want some swamp tar, yellow dye, and 50 gp. The easiest place to get these things is in the Lumbridge area so you may just want to use your home teleport to quickly get back to that side of the world.

Yellow Dye – You can obtain yellow dye from Aggie in Draynor Village if you take her two onions and 5 gp. Aggie can be found in a house in a cul-de-sac just east of the Draynor Village market stall area.

Aggie in Draynor Village

Swamp Tar – As mentioned earlier, the easiest way to get swamp tar is to go to the Lumbridge Swamp just south of the main city of Lumbridge. Here, swamp tar is lying all over the place on the ground. Swamp tar stacks in your inventory so you can grab as much as you’d like. (Tip: If you need to make some money for your character, grab all the swamp tar you can. You can sell it at the Grand Exchange for almost 200 gp each!)

Heading to Varrock

With the eagle feathers, swamp tar, yellow dye, and 50 gp, head toward the fancy dress shop in Varrock. This shop is located in the southeast area of the city as shown in the screenshot below.

Location of Fancy Dress Shop in Varrock

Talk to the shop owner and tell him that you are looking for a couple of bird costumes. He’ll tell you that he specifically needs 10 giant eagle feathers, 1 swamp tar, and 1 yellow dye – all of which you should have in your inventory now if you picked the items up on your way. Talk to him again and tell him that you have the feathers and materials he requested. He’ll also ask for the 50 gp at this point. Give him everything and he’ll pass over 2 eagle costumes, each one consisting of a fake beak and an eagle cape.

Fancy Dress Shop Owner in Varrock

With that done, it’s time to head back to Eagles’ Peak and help Nickolaus. Read on to page 3 for more information on how to do this.

Back to Eagles’ Peak

If you don’t have any teleportation methods at your disposal, getting all the way back over to Eagles’ Peak can be a drag. If you want to get closer to the area using a cheaper method, you can use a couple of different enchanted jewelry items. A Games Necklace can be used to teleport to the Barbarian Assault area, and a Ring of Dueling will get you to the Castle Wars part of the world. You’ll still have to do some heavy walking from these areas, but they do cut out a lot of the Varrock to Eagles’ Peak cross-country trip.

Once you do get back to Eagles’ Peak, return to the area where you first saw Nickolaus. If you haven’t put on your eagle costume yet, go ahead and do that now. Right-click on Nickolaus and choose the Shout-to Nickolaus option to start talking to him again. Eventually, he will ask you to bring his costume over to him.

If you run around to the other side of the cave to try to reach Nickolaus, you’ll find a large stone door blocking the way. On this door will be an engraving of an eagle with three feathers in the illustration cut deeper than the rest. (You’ll see this description when you try to open the door.)

Door that Leads to Nickolaus in Eagles Peak

Now, you’ll have to go through the tunnel, searching for the three special feathers to use with the door. These feathers are located in rooms that can be accessed through various portals around the tunnel. The closest one to the stone door is just a little bit to the west.

Portal Close to Stone Door

Bronze Feather

Once you enter this portal, you’ll see a feather on a pedestal that is sitting on top of a net.

Feather on Pedestal

When you try to take the feather from the pedestal, the net will lift the entire structure into the air. After this happens, notice the winches that are located in each corner of the room. Go to each winch, and operate it.

Operate the Four Winches

This will cause the net to drop the pedestal and disappear. You can then take the bronze feather from the pedestal.

Return to the main tunnel and travel just a short ways north. You should soon see another portal on the western wall of the tunnel.

Silver Feather

When you enter this next portal, you’ll see a stone pedestal. Inspect the pedestal and you’ll see some tracks leading away from it. (Note these tracks are very similar to those you would see when kebbit hunting with a noose wand.)

Inspect Stone Pedestal

Walk in the direction of the tracks, and you’ll see a pile of rocks. You should see more tracks to follow. If you don’t, you went in the wrong direction so head back and look at the tracks again to see if they start to veer toward a different way. In general, if you have trouble, just start inspecting any pile of rocks in the near vicinity. If you don’t see tracks, you’re going in the wrong direction. If you do see tracks, you’re heading the right way.

Inspecting Rocks in Eagles Peak

Continue doing this until the trail leads you to an opening in the cave wall.

Opening in Cave Wall

Inspect the opening, and a Level 13 kebbit will jump out. Kill the kebbit and take the silver feather it drops.

Kill the Kebbit

Follow the tracks back to the beginning of this cave and return to the main tunnel. Keep heading to the north until you come to the east-west juncture that is close to where you originally entered the mountain tunnel from the outside world. To the west is the exit back to the top of Eagles’ Peak. Head east to find the last cave portal.

Continue on to page 4 to find out how to obtain the gold feather, the last item needed to unlock the stone door in Runescape’s Eagles’ Peak quest.

Gold Feather

As soon as you enter this portal, you’ll see a birdseed holder. Go ahead and take several handfuls of birdseed, at least six or seven.

Birdseed Holder

Head west a little ways and your path will be blocked by a bird next to a bird feeder. Back up a few steps and travel south until you see another bird feeder next to a track on the ground that is directly south of that bird. Use some birdseed in that bird feeder. Adding birdseed to the feeders attracts the birds. In this case, the gate blocks the path of the bird to the north, so it will return to its original position. However, a bird from the west will be attracted to the feeder and stay there.

Bird at Bird Feeder

Head west in the direction that bird came from. Then travel a bit north and you’ll see a lever on the other side of the track on the ground. Pull down that lever and a nearby gate will close.

Pull Down Lever

Return to the direction from whence you came and note that the gate that had blocked the one bird before is now gone. Leave that area alone and keep going a little north of that original bird until you see a passage to the west. Just inside this western passage is a lever in a southern alcove. Pull down that lever.

Pulling Down Another Lever

Now, head back south through the main tunnel in this area until you see an eastern path just south of the entrance to the area. Make your way to the southeastern part of the area and you’ll see another lever in the southeast corner with a bird blocking its path. Put some birdseed in the feeder just west of this bird to draw it away from the area it is blocking. When you try to run around to get to this lever, you’ll find that another bird is still blocking the path. Perform the same trick of using the birdseed on the feeder to get this bird to move as well.

You should now be able to get to the lever in the southeast corner. Make your way over and pull down this lever.

Lever in Southeast Corner

Now, head back to the lever you pulled immediately prior to this one (the one just northeast of the entrance to the tunnel in the southern alcove. Move this lever again – this time, you are pushing it up.

Walk just a couple steps north and use another handful of birdseed on the feeder directly to the north of this lever.

Working Your Way to the Northwest Lever

This will open up a path to the lever in the northeast area of the tunnel. Head in that direction and pull that lever down.

Return to the southwest corner of the tunnels to the feeder that is close to the first lever you pulled. Use the birdseed on that feeder to return that bird to its original position.

Go back to the very first feeder you placed birdseed in. Use the birdseed on this feeder again. Since the gate has been opened on that north-south track, the bird from the north will be drawn to that area and stay.

Attracting Northern Bird with Seed

Now, the path to the pedestal that holds the golden feather (directly west from the birdseed holder) is completely unblocked so you can go there and pick up the feather.

Getting the Golden Feather

After you get the feather, return to the main part of the tunnels.

Read on to the last page of this Runescape quest walkthrough to find out how to complete the Eagles’ Peak quest and obtain your rewards.

The Stone Door

Now that you have the bronze, silver, and gold feathers, return to the stone door in the southern part of the main tunnel system. Use each of the feathers on the stone door, and you’ll now be able to it.

If you took your eagle costume off for any reason, put it back on now. With the costume on, you’ll be able to walk right past the eagle and reach Nickolaus. (Right click on the eagle and choose “walk-past Eagle” in order to get by.)

Walk Past Eagle

Talk to Nickolaus and he will take the other eagle disguise from you. He’ll tell you to meet him back at the camp site.

Exit the tunnel and return to the tent you found when first arriving at Eagles’ Peak. (You will have to right click and choose “walk-past Eagle” to get by it the second time as well.) You can either wind your way down the path or climb down the rocks if your agility level is high enough.

Learn How to Hunt Ferrets

When you get to the tent, talk to Nickolaus. Remind him that you were looking for him because the zoo needed a ferret.

Meeting Nickolaus at Tent

Instead of just giving you a ferret, Nickolaus offers to teach you how to hunt ferrets. If you say that you want to learn, you’ll be taken to a cut scene where he will explain all the details of ferret hunting. You definitely want to take advantage of this if you plan to level up your Runescape hunting skill.

Catching a Ferret

After the cut scene, you’ll find a box trap and a ferret in your inventory. Don’t leave yet though! Talk to Nickolaus again and ask him about how he got along with the eagles. He’ll tell you that the eagles were quite friendly, and if you have a bit of rope, you could probably even tame them and fly on them. Once you complete the quest, you’ll be able to use these birds to “teleport” to other hunting areas in Runescape.

Nickolaus Talks About Flying on Eagles

Return to Ardougne Zoo

Before the quest will be marked as complete, you’ll need to head back to the Ardougne Zoo and take the ferret to Charlie. Once you get there, talk to Charlie and tell him you have a ferret. He’ll thank you and take it from you, finishing the quest.

Eagles Peak Quest Rewards

The quest rewards are:

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 2,500 Hunting XP
  • Ability to Catch Ferrets (this also means you can catch rabbits)
  • Use of Eagles at Eagles’ Peak (to fly to other hunting areas)

In addition, you’ll now see the ferret in its exhibit at the Ardougne Zoo. Plus, you’ll have that neat eagle cape that you made as part of the eagle disguise.

Ferret on Display at Ardougne Zoo

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