Runescape Skill: Guide to Agility

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Agility is a member’s only skill that is unavailable to the free play accounts. It gives your player the ability to take shortcuts and to move with more finesse. It also gives the ability for the energy of the player to respawn quicker. To get your agility skill leveled up you will need to go to agility courses and do them. This adds points to your skill.

Agility Courses

You will level up the skill by going through the different Agility Courses In Runescape. Don’t carry too many items while you are doing the agility courses, but food is always a good thing to have on hand. You will need to have a good running speed around the course to get the most experience from it. Don’t waste time and think it won’t matter; trust me it will. The keys to each of the individual courses are in the expanded article, the link of which is embedded at the beginning of this paragraph.

Suggestions for Agility Training

  • Have the Rapid Heal Prayer so that you can regenerate hitpoints at a faster rate. This prayer skill will help you get through the rougher parts of the course without taking too much damage.

  • Use Tireless Run scrolls, these will help keep your energy up and make the rate of agility earning higher. You will be able to have a boost in stamina and won’t tire like normal.

  • Bracelets of Regeneration can double the rate of hitpoint recovery and are especially nice on the tougher courses that you may not live through. These can be expensive but you can sell it once your agility is high enough not to worry with it.

  • Have on very light armor or at the very least some agility skill enhancing items to give you a bit of an edge on the courses. The heavier you are, the harder the courses will be on you.

How to Level Agility

Use these courses in the order given to level your agility up quicker.

Agility 1-35 – Uses the Gnome Stronghold. It is the one that you can do right from the start, and is good for quicker lower level ups.

Agility 30-35 – Conversely you can do the Grand Tree quest that will take you to around this level. You can do Gnome Stronghold to get the remaining few points you need if you don’t reach it.

Agility 30-35 – Another choice is the Agility Pyramid. It is a bit more effective than the Gnome Stronghold from the 30-35 levels, but it is also more difficult to go through.

Agility 35-40 – The Barbarian Outpost. This level is a great course and you can get there with ease if you have a Games necklace. Use this course to level from 35 to 40.

Agility 40-52 – Agility Arena – You can do this course longer if you want to make yourself in a better position to survive the Wilderness courses later.

Agility 52-70 – Wilderness Course – This is a hard and unsafe courses but it will be easier for you to skill up here. Even though there are other areas you will be able to get in at this level, stick here until you can go into Ape Atoll.

Agility 70-99 – Ape Atoll – Once you get to 75, you shouldn’t have any trouble here, although I have it started at level 70. It may be a little tougher on you at first but you will be better off. It is quicker to level up here than the others.

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