Runescape Skill Guide: Hit Points

Runescape Skill Guide: Hit Points
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In Runescape, hit points are called hits or hp, and these are basically another way of measuring your character’s life in the game. If your hp gets to zero you die, so the trick is to keep yourself healed or escape before this happens. Leveling up your hit points will only increase your life in the game, but you won’t get to do anything with it like the other skills. Each hp level is a fourth of a level of combat, which means that you will gain four hit points for every level you complete.

Splats and Hit Points

There are things in the game that will appear after you fight in Runescape. These are called “splats” and are colors that will appear on your character. There are four colors, only two of which you’ll see in a free member game. The color of these “splats” will tell you the damage you’ve received.

There is a blue splat that means you’ve not received damage, which is always a good one to see. This one basically says that you dealt all the combat in the fight, and that they have not lowered your hp any. There are green splats that show poison damage. You can drink some anti-poison potion to get rid of this. Red splats tell you the amount of damage that was given to you on the last hit of the attack. The last color, gold, will tell you that you are diseased. Your hp won’t be affected but a stat will be. These can be dealt with by taking a Relicym’s Balm.

Healing With Food

Another way of healing yourself and raising your hit points is by eating something. There are different types of food in the game, and some of these will raise your hp by more than others. Some of the best foods to eat in the game are shark (heals for 20 hp), manta ray (heals for 22 hp), wild pie (has 22 hp, +5 to slayer, and +4 to range, must click on it twice to eat it fully), and strawberries (6 hp per berry, five berries in a basket. Click on them five times to fully eat a basket). After a battle, it is easier to fix yourself something to eat to increase your hit points back up than waste potions.

Death Preventers

There are many ways that you can stave off death. There is the bracelet of regeneration that will double your hp rate of recovery. There is also Saradomin’s Brew that will up your hp by 15, decreasing by 1 every minute. Some prayers can help with your hit points in battle, such as the Rapid Heal that will double your hp rate of restore (but only if you have 22 in Prayer). You can have Relicym’s Balm or Sanfew Serum that will cure disease, and the Sanfew Seurm can also be used as an anti poison, and be a super restore. You can use spells like Heal Other and Heal Group. Or there is the Dream Spell that triples hp recovery rate (if you have 79 in Magic).


As you can see there is plenty of items that will temporarily raise your hp, prevent an imminent death, and will slowly peak your hp after a battle via food and potions. No matter your choice, you should always be keeping an eye on your health and making sure you are taking measures to keep yourself alive. That should be first priority, then damage to your enemy.

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