Runescape: The Overview of Skills for the Paid Player

Runescape: The Overview of Skills for the Paid Player
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Of the 24 skills in Runescape there are 9 skills designed specifically for the members edition of the game (the one where the members pay to play). They also have access to all 15 from the free Runescape as well. These skills fall into categories that are listed below.

All of the skills in this article will have links taking you to fuller articles on that particular skill.

The Skills

These are the skills that are members only. Members also get all of the Free Edition Skills as well.

  • Agility (Members Only) – Can make the player have the ability to do shortcuts and increase the energy in which the player has. It will give a player grace and the ability not to be so cumbersome. You will skill up your Agility with the agility courses in the game.

  • Construction (Members Only) – Gives the ability to build a house. You are also able to construct furniture for that house and have the house be up to 30 rooms. This was a long awaited skill in the game. When your construction skill rises 5 levels you will be able to build a different type of room.

  • Farming (Members Only) – Player will now have the ability to create plants and grow various items. You will have to do everything from clearing the land, to planting seed, and then harvesting should it grow without disease or death. It isn’t a slow process, but I have to say its pretty fun. Think of it as a watered down version of Harvest Moon.

  • Fletching (Members Only) – Gives the player the ability to make bows and arrow and bolts for use in the Ranged skill. The player will have the skill to craft its own weaponry if it’s into Ranged attacks and especially if it’s combined with the hunting ability.

  • Herblore (Members Only) – Gives the ability to use and clean “grimy” herbs and make potions for use in game. These potions have a great use for increasing stats and helping with healing. Most of the ingredients you will need here are herbs and vials that you can get through crafting.

  • Hunter (Members Only) – You can snare and trap animals. You can use hunting equipment and get items for rewards. Effectiveness relies on bait, closeness, smoke, and clothing. There are some items like potions that will give you a temporary stat boost to your ability.

  • Slayer (Members Only) – Gives the player the ability to slay monsters they wouldn’t be able to normally kill. You will have to go to the Slayer Master to get assignments on kills to boost your skill here. There are other temporary boosts here as well.

  • Summoning (Members Only) – You can summon pets and familiars to help in combat and other parts of the game play. This skill has to follow the Wolf Whistle Quest before you can start skilling it. It is similar to prayer but you can summon things to help you out.

  • Thieving (Members Only) – You are going to be able to steal from markets and chests, while also being able to pick the pockets of NPCs. You are also going to be able to pick open doors and disarm traps with this skill. Very handy if you like using Stealth in game play.

The Skill Categories

Processing Skills: These skills have to process items received through extraction for them to be finished products.

  • Magic. Smithing, Herblore, Runecrafting, Construction, Cooking, Firemaking, Fletching, Crafting, and Summoning.

Extraction Skills: These skills take things straight from the environment to use.

  • Mining, Hunter, Thieving, Summoning, Woodcutting, Fishing, and Farming.

Combat Skills: These skills will help you out in an actual battle or combat.

  • Attack, Hitpoints, Magic, Defense, Strength, Ranged, Prayer, Slayer, and Summoning.

Independent Skills: These are skills that are not going to stay in a specific skill.

  • Magic, Summoning, and Agility.

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