Part One Runescape Skill Farming: Getting the Items

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The Farming skill in Runescape is a very fun skill to level up, it is one that you can do at your leisure and enjoy. The Farming skill goes hand and hand with the Cooking and Herblore skill. While most loved the Harvest Moon games for the ability to spend their days farming, you can do the same in Runescape.

Getting Seeds

You will need to collect seeds from mostly seed shops, the Farmers, and through stalls. But there are other ways to get seeds. You can go to Olivia in the Draynor Seed Market. She will sell Potato, Onion, Cabbage, Tomato, Sweetcorn, Strawberry, Jute, Barley, Watermelon, Wildblood, Krandorian, Yanillian, Asgarnian, Hammerstone, Marigold, and Rosemary.

Thieving is another way to get seeds. There are seed stalls around in the Draynor Market area. You can steal seeds from there if you have a level 27 thieving. It will also net you 10 experience when you steal a seed. You are also able to steal from farmers. You can pickpocket a master farmer with a 38 level in thieving and when you do it successfully to get seeds you will get 43 experience points for it. With a regular farmer you can kill or pickpocket them as well.

There are some monsters that will drop seeds when they are killed. These monsters include Ogres, Jogres, Guards, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Earth Warriors, Hill Giants, Dagannoths, White Knights, Cave Crawlers, Moss Giants, and Ice Warriors.

Tools for Farming

Farming takes various tools to use around your plants. You can find some of these tools by killing farmers and looting them. Another way to get tools is purchasing them through Alice’s Farming Shop west of Port Phasmatys, Vanessa’s Farming Shop in Catherby, Richard’s Farming Shop north of Ardougne, and Sarah’s Farming Shop south of Falador.

  • Rake – A rake will clear out weeds and make your farming plot good and ready for seeds.
  • Seed Dibber – This will poke holes in the farming plot so that you can plant your seeds.
  • Spade – Used to harvest your crops when they are ready to be harvested.
  • Secateurs – These will cut off the dead or diseased limbs from your trees and shrub bushes.
  • Magic Secateurs – When you are wielding these it will give you a 10% better harvest of your herbs, vegetables, and hops.
  • Gardening Trowel – Use this with a planting pot and you can make holes for your trees.
  • Planting Pot – You use this to make your tree seed start growing into a sapling. Then it can be buried in a tree plot.
  • Watering Can – You will use this to water your crops so that they can grow.
  • Compost Bucket – This will treat your soil before you plant your seeds to give better growing conditions.
  • Plant Cure – This will cure any diseased crops that you have, making them healthy again.
  • Fruit Basket – This will hold up to five fruits.
  • Vegetable Sack – These hold up to 10 vegetables.
  • Gardening Boots – These don’t do anything, but it may make you feel more like a gardener.


Well that takes care of getting your seeds and your equipment. Part Two of the guide to farming will tell you how to prepare your soil and keep your farming plot safe while you wait for harvest time.

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