Part Six of Runescape Skill Farming: Farming Plots in Runescape

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This article looks at where to find the farming plots that you can use through the game of Runescape. Only certain things can be planted in certain lots. Knowing where you can plant items will be a good key in making sure you are headed in the right direction to plant that tree or sweetcorn. There are only 28 farming plots in Runescape.

Allotment Plots

Allotment farming plots can take veggies, herbs, and flowers. These are the only plots that can take a mixture of items and not just a single type of seed. You can find guides to growing veggies and herbs in runescape as well as growing flowers on this site.You will find allotment plots at the old farm that is south of Falador. There is one that is north of Catherby and one that is north of the East Argougne area. The last one is just north west of Port Phasmatys.

Plots for Regular Trees

There are five farming plots that you can plant regular trees in. You can find a guide to growing trees in runescape on this site. The areas where you can plant trees are in Falador Park, a patch near the west area of Lumbridge, a plot is near the east section of Taverly, there is one south east of the Varrock Castle, and there is one in the Tree Gnome Stronghold that is west of the agility course.

Fruit Tree Plots

There are five farming plots for the fruit tree farming as well. There is a guide on this site about growing fruit trees as well. The areas that you will be able to plant fruit trees are the south east area of Lletya, around the agility course in the Gnome Stronghold, near the west area of Tree Gnome Village, around the south east area of Catherby, and in the Port of Brimhaven area to the south.

Mushroom Plot

There is only one area in Runescape that you can plant mushrooms and that is in the south west area of Canifis. You’ll need a farming level of 53 to plant mushrooms. You’ll get 61.5 experience for planting and 57.7 to harvest. It will take 220 minutes for them to mature. You’ll use these in cooking recipes.

Belladonna Plot

The one area designed for belladonna is inside the fence in the area that is west of Draynor Manor. Belladonna takes a farming level of 63 to plant. You will get 91 experience for planting and 512 for harvesting it. It will take approximately 270 minutes for it to mature.

Cacti Plot

The only allowable farming plot for cacti is the north east area of Al Kharid. This takes a 55 farming skill level to plant. It will take 520 minutes for them to grow. The experience that you can get for cacti are 66.5 for planting, 25 for harvesting, and 374 for checking the health of the plant.

Calquat Plot

You can only plant this in the farming plot that is located to the north of Tai Bwo Wannai. These take a farming skill of 72 to plant them. It will give you 129.5 experience in planting it and 48.5 to harvest it. There is also the ability to check it for disease; this will net you 12,096 experience. It will take 1,200 minutes for this to grow.

Bushes Plot

There are four farming plots that are in the game. These are located at Rimmington, around the west area of Etceteria, near the monastery to the south of east Ardougne, and to the west area of the Champions Guild.

Hops Plot

There are four farming plots that you can seed in Hops to brew ales. These areas are north of Yanille, near the cows that are north of Lumbridge, to the north west of Seer’s Village, and the corner of Entrana to the south west.

Spirit Tree Plots

There are only three places that you can place spirit trees, and these plots are located in Port Sarim, at the south area of Etceteria, and to the north east of Brimhaven.

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