Part Two of Runescape Skill Farming: Preparing Your Farming Plot

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Farming is two parts gatherings. One is gathering up the items that you need to get the things done. The other is gathering up your crops once they are all harvested. To make sure that you have a healthy crop and can get a good bit of items out of plot.

Getting your Plot Prepped

You’ll need to get a rake, a bucket of compost, and a seed dibber to prep your plot. You’ll be raking to remove the weeds from the plot, usually three layers deep (netting you 4 experience per layer to weed). After that you’ll need to put the compost on the lot, spreading it out (netting you 18 experience to spread). Lastly you will then need to use the seed dibber to make holes to plant your seed.

Making Compost

There are regular composts and there are super composts. To make up a compost you will need items like weeds, produce, flowers, and other grown items and put them in a compost bin. Close it up once it is full and wait an hour. Then you will need to get it out of the bin with 15 empty buckets. This compost will net you 4.5 experience for removing it per bucket.

Super Compost will allow your crops to grow better and faster. It will also make your crops be more abundant. It will depend what you put in your compost bin as to what type of compost you will get out of there. Super Compost is made from pineapples or better fruits, avantoe or better herbs, Jangerberry or better berries, tree roots, and watermelon. You need to put any combination of 15 of these items to make a Super Compost. Adding anything else will net you regular compost.

Protecting Your Crops

There are different ways to protect your crops from disease and prey. You can protect some crops by putting flowers in the flower pots. Certain flowers will help certain crops. Marigolds will protect tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. Rosemary will protect cabbage. Nasturtiums will protect watermelons.

Another help in the farming plot are scarecrows. When you are at a level 23 in farming you will be able to make a scarecrow. They will scare off birds from your Sweetcorn. These are made with an empty sack with straw from a bale of hay. Then stick the sack of hay onto a bronze spear. Then stick a watermelon on top of the spear for a head and you’ll have a scarecrow to use in the empty allotment patch.


You’re going to have to make sure that your farming plot is good and ready for your seeds before you begin planting. It needs to be weed free, it needs to have good nutrients from compost, and it needs to be seed dibbed so that it is ready for seeds. You can protect your crops by planting other flowers around to prevent disease or by making scarecrows to scare off disease carrying prey.

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