Potions in Runescape Part One

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Runescape Potions

Runescape has the herblore ability for its characters. It allows one to brew up potions and teas that will benefit you during the course of the game. It takes and herbs and other ingredients to make certain potions in the game. Here are some of the potions and the ingredients that you will need to make them:

Attack Potion – Needs a 3 herblore level and 25 in herblore experience, it takes an Eye of Newt and a Guam leaf to make. This potion adds 10-15% to Attack rating.

Anti Poison Potion – It will need a 5 herblore level and a 37.5 experience to make. You’ll need Marrentill and Ground Unicorn horn. You can use this to cure poison on yourself.

Waking Sleep Potion – Needs a 5 herblore level and a 168 herblore experience, it takes a guam, marrentil, ground suqah tooth, and a lunar vial. You use these with the Lunar Diplomacy quest.

Relicym’s Balm – You’ll need an 8 herblore level and a 42 experience in herblore, its made with rogues purse and snaked weed. It will cure disease.

Strength Potion – It’s made after a level 12 and 50 experience in herblore, from tarromin and limpqurt root. This potion will add 10-15% to strength.

Serum 207 – Requires a herblore level of 15 and a herblore experience of 50. You can make it with tarromin and ashes. It will heal the afflicted.

Guthix’s Rest – It takes a herblore level of 18 and a herblore experience of 59.5. To make you’ll need to heat a bowl of water, pour that water in a tea cup, add a harralander, a marrentil, and two guam leaves. It will cure some poisons, it boosts hits by 5 if you are of full health, and it will restore your Run energy.

Guthix’s Balance – Takes a herblore level of 22. Made with a harralander, garlic, silver dust, and red spider eggs. ( You can add silver and garlic to STAT RESTORE to get this as well) This potion is used to finish off vampyres.

Stat Restore – This potion needs a herblore level of 22 and a herblore experience of 62.5. Ingredients are a harralander and red spider’s eggs. It will restore lowered stats to the base level except for hits and prayer.

Blamish Oil – This needs 25 herblore level and 80 herblore experience. You’ll need harralander and blamish snail slime, and it will be used on a fishing pole to make an oily fishing rod.

Energy Potion – To make this potion you’ll need herblore level of 26 and herblore experience of 67.5. It only needs harralander and chocolate dust. This potion will restore 10% energy.

Defense Potion – It will need a 30 herblore level and 75 herblore experience. Ingredients for this potion are ranarr weed and white berries. Drinking will restore 10-15% to defense.

Agility Potion – Takes a herblore level of 34 and a herblore experience of 80. It needs toadflax and toad legs to create and it will add three levels to your agility stats.

Combat Potion – It takes a herblore level of 36 and a herblore experience of 84. You’ll need to have harralander and ground goat’s horn for this. It will add 3-12 levels to strength and to attack stats.

Restore Prayer – This potion takes a herblore level of 38 and a herblore experience of 87.5. You’ll need ranaar weed and snape grass to make it. Once made it will restore 40% prayer.

Bravery – This potion takes a 45 herblore level. You’ll make it with snake weed and ardrigal. Drinking this potion will let you explore the cave in the Legend’s Quest.

Super Attack – Needs a 45 herblore level and 100 herblore experience. It takes an Irit leaf and eye of newt to create. It will add 20% to attack stats.

Super Anti-Poison – This needs a 48 herblore level and 107.5 herblore experience. To make it you’ll need a ground unicorn horn and irit leaf. This potion will cure poison and it will put on a temp resistance to poison as well.

Fishing Potion – Needs a herblore level of 50 and it will need a herblore experience of 112.5. You’ll need avantoe and snape grass to make it and it will give you three levels to your fishing skill.

Keep in mind that these are a few of the potions that you’ll be able to make and use. All of these potions are great to sell to other players as well as keep and use for yourself.

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