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Runescape Guide to 99 Herblore and How to Make Money with It

by: Christopher Kochan ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Check out the best 99 Herblore guide on the internet, which will teach you how to use the Farming skill and Herblore skill to reach 99 Herblore quickly and without losing money. This guide will even teach you how to make money using Herblore in Runescape!

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    Basic Approach

    Imagine sporting the white and green 99 Herblore skillcape, having a bank worth millions, and being able to buy any desired item you want. This 99 Herblore Guide is created to help bring those achievements to you, with a few simple strategies.

    To begin using this guide to 99 Herblore, you will need to have all the required quests and level requirements to make the most basic, yet decently compensated potions for experience gained. If you aren't getting much experience per hour (under 40k per hour) you need to start training on different potions.

    So, how will this not cost anything? Well, it would cost millions to get 99 herblore, using a Herblore guide to 99 which told you to buy the supplies. However, there is a way to get around those expenses and make total profit off your work making potions. Guess what it is....???

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    The Secret.....

    This 99 Herblore guide is meant to give out the necessary information to get 99 Herblore without losing money. Herblore can be one of the most expensive skills to obtain a skill cape in, but there is a secret way to get around some of the largest cost of the skill, which is exactly what this Herblore guide to 99 will now explain.

    The secret to getting around the cost for supplies, is to farm and collect your own supplies. You can farm your own herbs, and some other ingredients to make potions with. Then, all you will need is the proper equipment to make the potions, and maybe you will have to purchase some items you will need for potions, which you are unable to get yourself.

    Farming herbs is easy and you dont need much money or items to master the skill. But, how much would it save? Well, if you figure on making ample amount of potions, and some herbs cost 1-7k.... How can you turn around and generate much profit for the amount of time you put into the process, when the potions barely sell for any more than what the supplies cost you.

    Farming eliminates the cost of the herbs, which is the main part of herblore. Farming, although it will take a little longer, will benefit you by getting two levels up at one time. If you stuck with it, you could generate millions, upon millions of gb and have two very difficult skillcapes in your possession.

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    The Dream

    This guide to 99 Herblore was supposed to be helpful for those seeking the ultimate Runescape Dream... To be able to buy expensive items, pk in pvp worlds with powerful weapons, and be able to skill wearing the unique 99 Herblore skill cape. Hopefully you can put this 99 Herblore guide to good use and start making millions today!

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