Potions in Runescape Part Two

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More Runescape Potions

This part of my Runescape potion mini guide will tell you some other potions that are available in game. It will tell you how they are made as well as what perks they give to players.

Super Energy – This potion takes a 52 herblore level and a 118 herblore experience. It takes avantoe and mort myre fungi to make and it will restore 20% energy.

Hunter Potion – This needs 53 herblore level and 120 herblore experience. You’ll need avantoe and kebbit teeth dust. It will add +3 to hunter.

Super Strength – This potion takes a herblore level of 55 and herblore experience of 125. It needs kwuarm and limpwurt root, adding 20% to your strength.

Magic Essence – This needs 57 herblore level and 130 herblore experience. Ingredients needed to make it are gorak claw and starflower. It will give you +3 to magic.

Weapon Poison – It has a need for 60 herblore level and 137.5 herblore experience. Takes kwuarm and ground blue dragon scale, and it will give you poison to five arrows, a dagger, or a spear.

Super Restore – This potion requires level 63 herblore level and 142 herblore experience. You will need snapdragon and red spider eggs. It will restore all lowered stats to base level and it will add 40% to prayer.

Super Defense – To get this potion you’ll need 66 herblore level, 150 herblore experience, cadantine, and white berries. It will add 20% to defense.

Extra Strong Anti-Poison – Needs 68 herblore level and 155 herblore experience. Ingredients for it are toadflax, coconut milk and yew roots. It’ll cure poison and give you a little longer resistance to it.

Anti FireBreath – It requires 69 herblore level and 158 herblore experience. You’ll need ground blue dragon scale and lantadyme. You’ll use this as a temp resistance to a dragon’s firebreath.

Ranging Potion – Needs a 72 herblore level and 165 herblore experience. Ingredients for this one are dwarf weed and wine of zamorak. You will get an added 15% to ranged skill.

Extra Strong Weapon Potion – This needs a herblore level of 73 and a herblore experience of 170. It takes cactus spine, red spider eggs, and coconut milk. You can use this with arrows, daggers, and spears to poison them.

Magic Potion – You’ll need a 76 herblore level and 172.5 herblore experience. It will take lantadyme and potato cactus to make. It will add +4 levels to magic.

Zamorak Potion – Needs a 78 herblore level and 175 herblore experience. You’ll use torstol and jangerberries to create, and it will lower hits and defense by 10%, increases strength by 10%, and increases attack stats by 20%.

Super Strong Anti Poison – It will take 79 herblore level and 180 herblore experience. Items you’ll need is Irit leaf, magic tree roots, and coconut milk. It will cure poison and give a really long resistance to it.

Saradomin’s Brew – It will need an 81 herblore level and 180 herblore experience. You will need toadflax and crushed birdsnest. This will increase defense by 20%, increase hitpoints by 15%, lower strength by 10% lower magic by 10%, and lower ranged by 10%.

Super Strong Weapon Poison – Needs an 82 herblore level and 186.5 herblore experience. Ingredients to make are nighshade, poison ivy berries, and coconut milk. It will poison your arrows, daggers, and spears.

And there you have it - the potions that are in Runescape that players will be able to make and use. I hope that this helped you in your knowledge of the potions that you can use in game.

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