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Runescape Hunting Areas

by: Michele McDonough ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

In this Runescape hunting guide, we’ll take a look at each of the major locations you can travel to in order to practice the hunting skill. Using this members-only skill to hunt and catch various animals in the Runescape world can be a great way to make money, especially at early levels.

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    Snow Hunting Area

    Snow Hunting Area 

    The Snow Hunting Area (also called the Trollweiss Hunter Area) is located just a little bit north of Rellekka. This is home to the Polar Kebbit, an animal you can start tracking immediately with Hunter Level 1. A great way to make money at low levels is to hunt Polar Kebbits and sell their fur on the Grand Exchange in Varrock. It's possible to get more than 2000 gp for each fur.

    This is also where you’ll find the Sabre-toothed Kebbit, which can be hunted using the deadfall trapping method at Hunter Level 51. In addition, you'll also find the Cerulean Twitch, Sapphire Glacialis, Snowy Knight, and Sabre-toothed Kyatt in the Snow Hunting Area.

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    Desert Hunting Area

    Desert Hunting Area The Desert Hunting Area (also known as the Urza Hunter Area) is located north of Nardah and southeast of Al Kharid. While there are a number of animals you can hunt here, the desert heat can make it a little annoying to travel to this locale. You'll need to be sure to bring waterskins or some other thirst-quenching item to survive out here.

    In this area, you'll find Desert Devils, Golden Warblers, and Orange Salamanders. While you can make a small profit off of some of the loot dropped by these animals, you can generally do better with beasts found in other areas. When this is coupled with the fact that you'll need to carry waterskins, it's really not one of the better areas to travel to if your main interest is making money. However, if you're lacking a way to easily transport to other hunting areas, you may want to try to gain some experience here since its not that far from the Al Kharid bank.

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    Jungle Hunting Area

    Jungle Hunting Area The Jungle Hunting Area (also called the Feldip Hunter Area) is in a large section south of Feldip Hills. In this area, you’ll find the Crimson Swift, one of the first birds that can be caught using the bird snaring method of hunting. This is also the area where you'll find Tropical Wagtails, Barb-tailed Kebbits, Spined Larupias, and Carnivorous Chinchompas.

    One nice thing about this area is it is fairly close to Yanille, which is home to one of Runescape's hunter shops. If you have a lower level character and you're walking out to this location, take a little extra care, There are several aggressive creatures in the nearby Feldip Hills area that can pack quite a punch. However, you should be able to run past them as long as you make sure to pay close attention to your health.

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    Woodland Hunting Area

    Woodland Hunting Area The Woodland Hunting Area (also called the Piscatoris Hunter Area) is my personal favorite place to hunt. It's located far to the northwest on the Runescape world map, just south of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. There's a huge variety of animals to catch using several different hunting methods in this location. This is where you'll find the Copper Longtail, Ruby Harvest, Common Kebbit, Razor-backed Kebbit, Wild Kebbit, and Prickly Kebbit. It's also the home of Ferrets, Rabbits, and Chinchompas.

    If you have a Hunter Level of 43 or higher, you can visit the Falconry and rent a falcon that will help you catch Spotted, Dark, and Dashing Kebbits. These Kebbits require Hunter Levels of 43, 57, and 69, respectively, to catch. If you're more interested in gaining experience in order to increase your Hunter Level than you are in making money, the Falconry is an excellent place to visit.

    The Woodland Hunting Area is also where most of the Eagles’ Peak quest takes place. If you want to start snaring rabbits at level 27, you’ll need to complete this quest first.

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    Other Hunting Areas

    Horned Graahk There are several other locations in Runescape where you can hunt, but most of these only have one or two types of creatures. However, there are a couple that are worth a special mention here.

    Although it’s not really classified as a hunting area, you can gain some easy hunting experience from the Vinesweeper minigame. This is a simple way to quickly earn a few early levels for the skill.

    If you have a Hunter Level of at least 41, you may want to try tackling the Horned Graahk found in Karamja near Cairn Isle. The pitfall trapping method is used to catch this beast, and you can make a decent amount of money selling its fur on the Grand Exchange if you manage to get the normal graahk fur.

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