Runescape Hunting Guide: Tips for Deadfall Trapping

Runescape Hunting Guide: Tips for Deadfall Trapping
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Deadfall Trapping

To get started with deadfall trapping in Runescape, you’ll need the following supplies, all of which are fairly easy to obtain.

  • Knife – You’ll need to have a knife in your inventory in order to cut the logs used in setting up the deadfall trap.

  • Logs – While you can take logs with you to the hunting area, it’s usually best to just take a hatchet and chop down trees in the area when needed.

  • Hatchet – Rather than carry a whole bunch of logs, take a hatchet to the hunting area instead. Then you can cut down trees whenever you need logs to use in building the deadfall traps.

  • Lit Torch (optional) – If you have a Hunter level of 39 or higher, you can use a lit torch to smoke the trap. Although this will increase your chances of trapping a kebbit, it’s not necessary.

You need a Hunter Level of 23 or higher to use this hunting method. Lower level hunters can still track other types of kebbits using a noose wand. However, if you’re just beginning to train the Hunter skill, you may want to try to get a few quick and easy early levels by playing the Vinesweeper minigame.

Trapping Kebbits with a Deadfall Trap

Travel to the hunting area where the kebbits you want to hunt are located. (Information on the locations of kebbits that can be hunted using deadfall traps is in the next section.) Look for a long, somewhat flat boulder like the one shown in the screenshot below. This object will have a “Set-trap boulder” option.

With a knife and logs in your inventory, click on the boulder to set the trap.

Setting a Deadfall Trap

Now, wait for a kebbit to trigger the deadfall trap and get crushed by the boulder. It’s possible for a kebbit to trigger the trap without getting caught. If that happens, just start over and set a new trap. When you do manage to catch a kebbit, check the boulder and get any loot left behind by the creature.

Check Boulder and Get Loot

All kebbits that are caught using the deadfall trap method of hunting will drop bones along with some other item.

Where to Find Kebbits Caught with Deadfall Traps

Wild Kebbit – The Wild Kebbit is located in the Woodland Hunting Area near the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. See the screenshot below for a more precise location. You need a Hunter Level of 23 or higher to hunt this kebbit, and you’ll receive 128 hunting experience for a successful trap. In addition to bones, the Wild Kebbit drops kebbit claws, which can be used to make spiky vambraces.

Location of Wild Kebbit in Runescape

Wild Kebbit in Runescape

Barb-tailed Kebbit – This kebbit can be found in the Jungle Hunting area south of Feldip Hills. You can start hunting it with a Hunter Level of 33, and trapping one will yield 168 hunting experience. The Barb-tailed kebbit drops a barb-tail harpoon, which may not be that great of a weapon, but it can be used to harpoon fish if you have a high enough Fishing Level. One advantage of using this harpoon for fishing is that it is equipable so wielding it will free up an all-important inventory slot.

Location of Barb-tailed Kebbit in Runescape

Barb-tailed Kebbit in Runescape

Prickly Kebbit – Like the Wild Kebbit, the Prickly Kebbit is located in the Woodland Hunting area. You’ll need a Hunter Level of 37 to trap this kebbit, and catching one will grant you 204 experience. This is one kebbit that you can make some pretty sound money with since it drops kebbit spikes which can be fletched into kebbit bolts with a chisel if you have a Fletching Level of 32 or higher. Each spike will yield 6 bolts, and the bolts can be sold for about 40 gp at the Grand Exchange in Varrock. If you’re able to fletch the spikes into bolts, take a chisel with you to the hunting area, and there will be no reason to make constant trips to the bank since the bolts stack in your inventory – just fletch the spikes into bolts as you catch each kebbit.

Location of Prickly Kebbit in Runescape

Prickly Kebbit in Runescape

Diseased Kebbit – The Diseased Kebbit is found in the Oo’glog area and requires a Hunter Level of 44 or higher to trap. In addition, you won’t be able to trap this kebbit until you’ve reached a certain point in the As a First Resort quest. When you do trap one, you’ll gain 200 experience and the creature will drop some diseased kebbit fur. This fur can be used to make a Davy Kebbit hat, which is useful in the All Fired Up mini-game. Because of their usefulness, these hats sell for around 700 gp on the Grand Exchange.

Location of Diseased Kebbit

Diseased Kebbit in Runescape

Sabre-toothed Kebbit – This kebbit can be hunted and trapped in the Snow Hunting Area north of Rellekka. You’ll need a Hunter Level of 51 or higher to trap the Sabre-toothed Kebbit, and a successful capture will yield 200 experience. In addition to bones, these kebbits drop Kebbit teeth, which can be ground into Kebbit teeth dust and used to make Hunting potions. Kebbit teeth dust sells for about 600 gp on the Grand Exchange.

Location of Sabre-toothed Kebbit in Runescape

Sabre-toothed Kebbit

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