Rs Guide to Merchanting: Make Millions Merchanting in Runescape

Rs Guide to Merchanting: Make Millions Merchanting in Runescape
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What is Merchanting?

This Rs guide to merchanting in Runescape is to give everyone a chance to earn some cash by buying and selling items. Merchanting is the act of buying items for a low price, holding on to them for a little while, and then selling them for a higher price once the item’s price rises.

When you merchant an item, you are trying to get the demand for the item to rise, making the price raise up in the Grand Exchange as people try to buy the item. To do this, you need to be able to take a significant amount of the item out of market making demand rise above supply, driving the price up. Getting the supply of the item out of market is really only possible by joining a merchanting clan, because there has to be such a large amount of the item taken out of the market.

If you don’t want to join a merchanting clan or can’t get into one, you are probably going to want to do long-term investment merchanting, where you will buy an item for low and sell for high as the market naturally rises and falls.

Runescape Items to Merchant

There are three things you want to look for when picking an item to merchant:

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  1. Value - The more the item is worth, the more it will be able to fluctuate in price. Usually, people merchant items that are fairly expensive. Many items range from 500k to 3 million gp; however, they can get up to 50-75 million gp or higher.

  2. Rareness - If an item is rare to get in a drop from a monster or in pvp worlds, it can often raise your chance on being able to merchant it. For example, an Amulet of Fury is a very good item to merchant. Not many players in the game can get a Fury as a drop, they average around 2.2 million gp, and they are used quite frequently so there is a demand for the item.

  1. Demand - For an item to be able to increase in price, there has to be a high demand. If you are in a merchanting clan and you all decide to merchant Amulets of Fury, then after you buy many of the amulets out of the market and hold on to them, supply of the amulets goes down, while demand will stay the same or even increase, which is what drives the price up.


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To merchant items in Runescape, you really don’t need much except some initial wealth. The more money you have to begin with, the more you will be able to earn. With more money, you can buy more of the merchanted items, giving you the opportunity to earn more money. With less money, you may only be able to buy a couple items, giving you a smaller amount of opportunity to earn money. With that said, you should try to earn enough to buy at least 10 of the merchanted items to really be able to make it worth your while. This could be anywhere from 4 million gp to 20 million gp, but don’t limit yourself if you have the ability to earn more money, as more is better to earn more with merchanting.

When to Sell?

One last issue you might be wondering is when should you sell your items? Sometimes the clan will tell you when to sell, but by that time the clan leaders have probably already sold their items and you are going to be up against all the other people trying to sell all of their

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items. The only way to come out ahead, without getting stuck with the items and feeling a loss after the price starts to drop before you can sell your items, is to sell when you feel satisfied.

Personally, I have waited for clan leaders to announce to sell and the price ends up dropping by half before I can even get rid of the items. Once you feel you have earned enough from that item being merchanted, sell them! Come out feeling ahead, not like you’ve lost because you couldn’t sell at the highest price possible. Doing this will keep you wanting to merchant more items, and also keep you from potentially losing money.

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