Rs Guide to Building Up Money: Member Training Skills Earns Money

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Member Training

This Rs guide will give insight to two good skills you can use to build up money fast. You will need to obtain the required levels before trying to use the skills for money; however, that should not take long as the levels aren’t too high to start making money. You may also choose to use different items for experience bonuses. The two skills are hunting and mining.

Hunter Member Training

Oneof the most profitable ways to build up money on Runescape 2 is to hunt. There are two great “monsters”, if that is what the little things are. They are Red Chinchompas and Dragon Implings. Each one could make you anywhere from 200k to 3000k per day.

For Red Chinchompas, you need to have level 63 hunting. The place to hunt them is straight south of Yanille, the city which is east of the Castle Wars mini-game. Walk south from Yanille’s east entrance and you will go through a narrow path and into a forest area. Keep walking south and you will come to Red Chinchompas. Make sure to bring about 3-5 traps, depending on your level, and you may want to bring some more, in-case some end up disapearing. Don’t worry about having space for Red Chins. They stack up on each other the same way as arrows do, so all you need is one space in your inventory open to build up money! Usually, you can catch anywhere from 100-200 chins per hour, but this all depends on your level, the number of traps you have, and how well you pay attention. Each Red Chinchompa caught will earn you around 740 gb each.

The second hunted monster you want to go after for this Rs guide is Dragon Implings. You need 83 hunting or 80 if you decide to use hunting potions. These will get you around 300k each! You will need to head over and play the Impetuos Impulse mini-game, which is located in Zanaris. Zanaris is a town located near Lumbridge, but it can only be accessed after you have completed some quests and obtain a Dramen staff. You can use a regular net or a magic net to catch them, and you will need to put them into implying jars. They respawn about 1 every hour, which makes them sort of difficult to catch them fast. You will need to have a good amount of patience to do this often; however, you will definitely become rich fast!

Mining Member Training

Mining is another relaxed and easy way to build up money fast in Runescape 2. Member training deep in the wild you can find miners gathering Rune Ore! You will need a rune pickaxe, 85 mining, and a way to get to level 46 wild. You can easily run out to the teleport pads in the wild and use them to get near 46 wild. Once you find the rocks, you should be able to relax and mine! They have fairly long respawn times, but they make tons of money! You will earn 15.5k each! That’s around 387.5k per round, if you can carry 25 Runite ores! It’s some fast and basically free Runescape money!

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