The Rs Guide to the Bounty Hunter 26K Trick for Valuable Drops in Runescape

The Rs Guide to the Bounty Hunter 26K Trick for Valuable Drops in Runescape
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How Bounty Hunter’s Drops Work

Whenever you are in Bounty Hunter or PVP worlds, you want to get good drops from the people you kill. To get good drops, you personally need to be risking 75k+ worth of wealth when you kill someone, in order to have the most potential of getting valuable drops. You opponent must be risking at least 26k and die with it, in order for you to have a better chance at getting a good drop. You also must have high “EP” to get good drops. “EP” is the number at the bottom right corner of your screen when you are in a PVP or Bounty Hunter world, which stands for earned potential. We will go over the best way to get EP up in the next section of this article.

It may seem like a ton of information at once, but let’s go over it all step by step. It’s extremely easy to get an average of 2 million gp per 2-3 hours of work. So, we will start by explaining EP and how to get it.

Getting EP for the 26K Trick

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To get EP, it is very easy, but it is also the most time consuming part of the 26K trick. When you are in BH or PVP worlds, you obtain EP for every 30 minutes you are standing in a combat area. To get the maximum amount of EP per half an hour, which is 25 EP, you need to be risking 75K worth of wealth. It takes some people four items and others one item to get EP.

4-Iteming to get EP

Four iteming is when you do not skull, but you can wear four items. To do this, you need to be wearing four items with your lowest item you do not protect when dying worth over 75K. When you get attacked, remember to protect the item and you won’t lose any money if you die. You also must remember to never skull, or else you could lose all of your money!

1-Iteming to get EP

One iteming is when you only use one item worth over 75K to get EP. For this, you need to always have a skull so that you are risking that one item when you are in combat areas. When you get attacked, you still need to protect item, but you don’t need to worry about not attacking anyone since you are already skulled and only have one item.

The most common EP Runescape players get to, in order to get good drops and be able to kill their 26K partner multiple times, is 50 EP. This means about one hour of waiting to get your EP up. As you can see in the photo, all the way west in Bounty Hunter is a good place to sit, as not many people will bother you. There are multiple places all over Runescape in PVP worlds, or in the Wilderness in Bounty Hunter worlds where you can take a seat and get EP, including level 1 where you can sit and watch all the fights!

The 26K Trick

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After you have EP, you need to find a partner to do the trick with. What will happen is, you kill your partner for 26K until you run out of EP, and then your partner gets to kill you for 26K until he runs out of EP. If you both get to 50 EP, you both should be able to get around 4 turns each. It’s best to do the trick with a friend so that you don’t get killed 4 times and have your partner run off on you, basically stealing 104k from you.

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When it’s your turn to kill your partner, it’s recommended to wear as much wealth as you can. Some people risk up to 40 million gp, and I am sure some even more. This is supposed to help get you a better drop, but personally I only wear like 5 million (the gear you can see im wearing in the picture) and I’ve gotten 20 million gp in the past 5 days, so I don’t think it matters as long as you have over 75k wealth risked.

When it’s your turn to die with the 26k, the recommended amount to use is actually 26,003 gp. All you have to do is have the 26,003 gp in your inventory and get a skull. Then, just let your partner kill you to get their drops.

The 76K Trick???

Many people in Runescape say that if you risk 76K, you will get a better drop. From my experience and from many players I talk to on Runescape, those people are just wasting their money. Keep the extra 50K for you to buy items with and risk 26k. Of course you will get some 100K-300K drops from your total 50 EP used, but when you get that 5 million gp + drop, you will never stop doing this method.

Remember to protect item when getting EP, risk 26,003 gp with a partner that’s a friend, and don’t waste your money trying to get better drops by risking more money like 76K, as it won’t do much for you in the end. Have fun and gain the wealth from the 26K trick while it lasts!

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