Rs Guide to Building Up Money: Collecting for Free Runescape Money in Runescape 2

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Why Collect?

Collecting things around Runescape can be very rewarding if you know the right places to go and items to collect. One of these two items presented below are located in “members only” areas, while another is located in sort of a hidden place in free to play worlds. This Rs guide will give you two items, which happen to be flax and red spiders’ eggs to give you an insight to jump-start your way to building up money in Runescape 2. The best part about it is you don’t have to risk any money doing it! All you need to do is follow the directions below and collect the item, then head over to the Grand Exchange to sell your items!

Collecting Flax

Making free Runescape money collecting flax can be very profitable. Although it is the cheapest item you can collect from this Rs guide, it is the closest to the bank. Being close to a bank means more trips per hour! Another great thing about collecting flax is the amount of flax in the patch you can collect from, which is located south of Seers Village.

To get to the patch, you have to be a member. (If you want to get to the part of this Rs guide which gives insight to a free to play item, go to the next section about red spiders’ eggs.) You can start by going to Varrock and getting a Camelot Teleport tab from the Grand Exchange or use your magic with five air runes and a law rune to get yourself outside of Camelot, which is right next to Seers Village.

Head west after you get to Camelot and you will run into the Seers Village bank. If you head directly south from there, you will hit the large patch of flax where you can collect all you want to build up money in Runescape 2. They respawn fairly quick and it isn’t too populated, so your trips will go fast!

Each one you collect is currently worth around 82 gb and each trip (collecting 28) will get you around 2300 gb.

Collecting Red Spiders’ Eggs

A more profitable item you can collect is red spiders’ eggs. These items can generate tons of free Runescape money and you can collect them right in the main city of Varrock. If you head towards the wild up the east path located on the east side of the city of Varrock, watch your mini-map. Once you see a red exclamation mark “!” located on the left side of the path, head over to it. If you don’t see the mark on your mini-map, just walk towards the wild on the left side of the path.

Either way, you should try to look out for a sewer cap. Open the sewer cap and head into the sewer. Follow the tunnel as deep as it goes until you come to a place with spiders. The red spiders’ eggs will be right to your left hand side. Collect them and get 394 gb each or around 11k per trip! Some fast and easy, free Runescape money!

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