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Crafting in Runescape

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 5/10/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the skill of Crafting in the free mmo game of Runescape and the items that you will be able to make from it.

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    Crafting is one of the ways to be able to make the jewelry and armor (and pottery and threads) for you or your friends. There are many different types of crafting as well. You can craft with items like gold and silver, craft with clay, craft with glass, and craft with leather and hides. There are many different materials that are used in the skill as well. Many of which you should know in advance so that you can have a good stockpile beforehand.

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    Ways to Boost Crafting

    Easy but temporary ways to boost your crafting skill is by eating spicy stews. These have a chance to increase your crafting level by 6 or decrease it by 6. Roll the dice and when you get it to increase work away at other higher level crafting items. There is also a poison chalice that may raise the skill by +1 or it may give you a 49 hitpoint hit. Personally, I think it’s better to roll the dice with the spicy stew than to take the hit on hitpoints with the chalice for such a small reward of +1.

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    Another way to get crafting experience is to spin. This is, in a way that is addition to the ways of doing it in paragraph one. Spinning is an easy way to get experience in Lumbridge, with the Sheep Shearing jobs. You are able to spin different things for varying amounts of experience. Wool can be spun into balls of wool for 2.75 experience a piece. This is the only thing you can spin as a free player. For members you can spin flax into bowstring for 15 experience. Spinning sinew into crossbow string for 15 experience. Spinning tree roots will give you 15 experience and spinning magic tree roots will give you 30. Lastly, you are able to spin yak hair for 25 experience into rope.

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    Creating Snelms

    Another item is creating snelms for crafting experience. Each will give you slightly over 30 experience points. You get snail shells from the mort myre swamp and use a chisel to make them. There are five snelms that you can make, and all will give you the same amount of experience and need the same amount of crafting skill (15) to create. These are the Blood and tar snelm, the Broken Bark snelm, The Myre snelm, the Ochre snelm, and the Bruise blue snelm.

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    There are many different things to do to bring this skill level up, so you aren’t trapped into doing the same action over and over again (like Mining or Woodcutting) to raise the levels. The variants will make it a little less tedious to do. Crafting can make some really fun items like the pottery and glass, and the still useful items like armor and jewelry. Please check the other crafting links so that you can get all the info on this interesting skill.

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