Everquest 2 Beginner Class Guide – Summoner

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The class system of Everquest 2 is divided into 4 arch-types, and then further divided into alignment specific classes, making a total of twenty-four different classes available. Summoners are in the Mage sub-class, and can summon powerful minions to do their bidding. The two Summoner sub-classes are Conjurer and Necromancer.


The Conjurer is the good aligned Summoner sub-class. Conjurers may start from the cities of Qeynos or Kelethin. This limits the races available to choose the Conjurer class to Dwarves, High Elves, Wood Elves, Fae, Frogloks, Halflings, Barbarian, Half Elf, Erudite, Kerran, Gnome and Human.

Conjurers are able to summon forth elemental minions to do battle for them. They also have a powerful array of DD (Direct Damage) spells. Conjurers wear cloth armor, which isn’t much of a problem due to their elementals tanking abilities. The elemental is just capable enough to be an efficient tank while the Conjurer deals damage through their powerful spells. Conjurers can use Daggers, Staves and Symbols as weapons and can only use Symbols for shields.

The majority of a Conjurers spells are oriented around buffing and healing their pet. They also have reactive spells that debuff enemies when they attack your pet. The rest of their spells are a combination of DD spells and DoT (Damage over Time) spells. Conjurers also have the ability to Root enemies. Root holds the target in place until the enchantment ends. This gives them time to summon a new pet incase the enemy kills their current pet.


Necromancers are the evil sub-class of Summoners. They are able to start in Neriak, Gorowyn and Freeport. Only the evil races: Ratonga, Arasai, Iksar, Sarnak, Ogre, Troll and Dark Elf, along with the neutral races: Half Elf, Gnome, Kerran, Human, Barbarian and Erudite, are able to play Necromancers.

Necromancers summon undead underlings to fight for them. Like Conjurers, they wear cloth armor and can only use Staves, Daggers and Symbols. Necromancers are seldom found using their weapons for attacking though, as their spells do a much higher amount of damage.

Necromancers have a wide variety of undead beasts they can summon, from tanking beetles to spellcasting zombies. They also have a variety of pet spells that both augment and heal their minions. Necromancers are more attuned to DoT’s than DD spells, and have a wider variety of them. They are also able to take control of enemy undead units with a Charm spell that turns them into their pets. Necromancers are only able to have one pet at a time though.

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