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Everquest 2 Beginner Class Guide – Sorcerer

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The class set-up on Everquest 2 is somewhat complicated. Of the twenty-four classes available, only 18 are available to each race, depending on alignment. This guide will explain roles, abilities and races available to the Sorcerer class.

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    The class system of Everquest 2 is divided into 4 arch-types, and then further divided into alignment specific classes, making a total of twenty-four different classes available. Sorcerer’s are in the Mage sub-class, and focus almost completely on devastating magic attacks. The two Sorcerer sub-classes are Warlock and Wizard and are available to all races.

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    Warlocks are a spell casting class that specialize in calling forth the powers of the void to destroy their targets. They are only able to wear cloth type armor, and therefore have very low defense. Warlocks are able to wear only Symbols for shields. They are only able to use Daggers, Staffs and Symbols for weapons.

    As Warlocks are a neutral class type, any race may choose Warlock. This is sometimes a point of confusion, as Warlocks call forth pestilence and disease to eradicate their foes. Warlocks are able to Root entire groups of enemies at one time, to keep them from reaching the caster. Root is a spell that restricts the movements of those afflicted by it until the duration of the spell ends.

    Warlocks are the masters of damaging entire groups of enemies at once. This is double-edged sword. Warlocks must be very careful in groups, as tanks sometimes don’t have a firm threat hold on more than one enemy at a time. The massive influx of damage to all targets sometimes pulls several that the tank cannot hold to the Warlock, usually resulting in death.

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    Wizards are very similar to Warlocks, as they both cast spells to deal massive DD (Direct Damage) to their targets. The manner in which they do this is very different though. As Warlocks deal damage primarily to entire groups of enemies, Wizards are more single target oriented. This doesn’t mean that a skilled Wizard doesn’t have the spells or abilities to take down groups of enemies though.

    Wizards are only able to wear cloth armor, greatly reducing their defensive capabilities. Wizards are able to use Daggers, Staffs and Symbols for weapons. Like Warlocks, they are only able to use Symbols for shields.

    Wizards also have a wide variety of Root and snare effects, effective for kiting. Kiting is running while fighting an enemy, dealing damage as the enemy trails behind. This is a technique that Wizards should learn early in their career.