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Everquest 2 Beginner Class Guide – Predator

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The class set-up on Everquest 2 is somewhat complicated. Of the twenty-four classes available, only 18 are available to each race, depending on alignment. This guide will explain roles, abilities and races available to the Predator classes.

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    The class system of Everquest 2 is divided into 4 arch-types, and then further divided into alignment specific classes, making a total of twenty-four different classes available. Predators are in the Scout sub-class, and focus dealing damage through enhanced melee strikes and positional attacks. The two Predator sub-classes are Assassin and Ranger.

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    Assassins are the evil oriented Predator sub-class. They are only able to start in Neriak, Freeport and Gorowyn. Due to this, they are only playable by evil and neutral races. These include Ratonga, Dark Elves, Sarnak, Iksar, Ogres, Trolls, Arasai, Half Elves, Barbarians, Erudites, Gnomes, Kerran and Humans.

    The Assassin is able to wear chain armor, which allows him to take damage and in some circumstances even tank. They are able to equip Swords, Axes, Spears, Rapiers, Daggers, Bows and thrown weapons. Assassins are able to dual wield and may use poisons. They can wear Round Shields and Bucklers as shields.

    Assassins work best with a partner, as many of their abilities are positional. This means that some of their attacks can only be used while behind the target, while some require the Assassin to be flanking their target. Without a partner to hold threat, the Assassin must use abilities like stuns to get behind their target and initiate those attacks.

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    Rangers are the goodly Predator sub-class counterparts of Assassins. They are able to start in both Qeynos and Kelethin. This means they are only playable by neutral and good races. These include Humans, Barbarians, Erudites, Gnomes, Half Elves, Kerran, Dwarves, Wood Elves, High Elves, Frogloks, Fae and Halflings.

    Rangers are able to wear chain armor, but this doesn’t mean they should take damage. The best place for a Ranger is at a distance from their target. They are also able to equip Swords, Axes, Rapiers, Daggers, Spears and most importantly Bows. They can dual-wield and use poisons, but their primary damage maker is their Bows.

    Rangers, like Assassins, work best with a group or partner, but for a slightly different reason. Rangers need range to attack their targets with Bows, and most Bow attacks are also positional. Back Fire for instance can only be used while the Ranger is behind or flanking the target. This isn’t to say that they can’t melee. Rangers have a high amount of melee combat abilities, and these, like others are positional.

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