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Everquest 2 Beginner Class Guide – Rogue

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

The class set-up on Everquest 2 is somewhat complicated. Of the twenty-four classes available, only 18 are available to each race, depending on alignment. This guide will explain roles, abilities and races available to the Rogue classes.

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    The class system of Everquest 2 is divided into 4 arch-types, and then further divided into alignment specific classes, making a total of twenty-four different classes available. Rogues are in the Scout sub-class, and are a forceful and straight forward brand of melee class. The two Rogue sub-classes are Brigand and Swashbuckler.

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    Brigands are the evil oriented Rogue sub-class, and are only able to start in the cities of Freeport, Neriak and Gorowyn. This limits the amount of classes able to play this race to Human, Half Elf, Erudite, Barbarian, Kerran, Gnome, Ratonga, Dark Elf, Iksar, Sarnak, Ogre, Troll and Arasai.

    Brigands, like other Scout classes, are able to wear chain armor and their primary stat is agility. They deal high amounts of damage and their chain equipment allow them to survive possible agro switches. Brigands are able to use Swords, Spears, Axes, Rapiers, Daggers, Bows and thrown weapons. They are able to use Round Shields and Bucklers, but most Brigands dual-wield to maximize their DPS (Damage per Second).

    Brigands are a straight forward brand of Scouts. They have a vast array of melee attacks, oriented around debuffing their enemies. Like other Scout classes, they have many attacks that require them to be either behind or flanking their target. Most of these can be accomplished while soloing with the use of stuns and stealth.

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    Swashbucklers are the goodly counterparts of Brigands. They are able to start in both Kelethin and Qeynos. This reduces the amount of races able to choose the Swashbuckler class to High Elves, Wood Elves, Fae, Frogloks, Dwarves, Halflings, Humans, Half Elves, Erudites, Barbarians, Kerran and Gnomes.

    Swashbucklers are also able to wear Chain armor and like Brigands, their primary stat is agility. They are able to use all of the same weapons and shields as Brigands, and like-wise they are better of dual-wielding. Swashbucklers have the ability to use poisons on their weapons to increase the damage they are able to deal.

    Swashbucklers are a flamboyant and arrogant brand of Scouts. Their most powerful abilities are often the first they employ, with a wide variety of attacks useable from the Stealth. They are most effective in party situations and have attacks that reduce the attack speed of their enemies, inflict DoT (Damage over Time) effects, and increase their own attack speed to quickly dismantle opponents.