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Guardian Class Guide Part 1

by: dipima ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/10/2012 • Leave a comment

The Guardian is a powerful fighter tank class that protects the weak against evil forces. This is a basic class guide to the LOTRO MMO game for the Guardian tank class. The guide will give you basic inputs on the various functions of the Guradian.

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    The Guardian is a premier tank class in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Guardians demonstrate great chain style attacks that are quite popular these days among the MMO gameplay. The advantage of Guardians is that they can use almost any weapon as well as heavy armor and shields. The Guardian is capable of basic tank style skills and abilities. This LOTRO guide offers basic guidelines on how to use these skills and abilities by the Guardian. The Guardian is one of the few classes that can use great skills to attack enemies and cause havoc on them. A skilled Guardian can successfully defend himself against the toughest enemies.

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    Guardian's Functionalities

    The Guardian's primary function is to draw the attention or aggravation of the mob and involve it in a combat. The Guardian needs to learn how to use the Line of Sight tool. Because, this will help him improve his ability to pull and position a mob in a combat. The Main Tank (MT) involves the player, who keeps the enemies busy attacking him while other players pick them off. The Main Assist (MA) invovles the player, who chooses decides the next mob to be taken down by the DPS classes. The gameplay and combat strategies depend on which type of Guardian you want to be.

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    Strengths and Weaknesses

    The Guardian is a tough class with a number of abilities that can diminish the damage done by the enemies. Guardians can easily take on the toughest enemy and survive. However, its lower damage output makes the Guardians take a long time while killing the monsters.

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    Healing and Ranged Classes

    Due to lower damage output, a Guardian may find it a bit difficult and challenging to defeat a group with healing ability. This means the battle is going to be long. The ranged classes are quite fast in doing much damage. So the players need to close in on the enemies in order to strike them hard.

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