Guardian Class Guide Part 2: Learn the Skills now

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Guardian’s Class Skills

The Guardian gives the player the choice of drawing enemy’s attention to combats and making great use of the shield and weapons to attack the foes.

Guardian’s Ward: It strengthens your defence system although for a short while. It also directs his enemy’s reactions more strongly towards him.

Shield Swipe: Player can attack his enemy and defend himself with his shield. Once you block your enemy’s blow, you can attack him with both your weapon and shield. In this way, you can generate extra threat on your enemies.

Bash: After a successful shield swipe against a foe, the player can again bash it with his shield, this time more strongly and effectively.

Vexing Blow: This kind of attacks can help the Guardian draw the attention of the enemies towards himself.

Guardian’s Pledge: The player can use his great skills to strengthen his defense mechanism against the enemies for a short period of time.

Retaliation: After fending off successfully the attack of your enemy, you can retaliate more effectively.

Overwhelm: Once you are successful with your retaliation over an enemy, you can easily make a more powerful attack against the enemy.

Guardian’s Weapons

The Guardian can get hold of a number of weapons to strike his foe with. The powerful weapons of the Guardian include spears, two-handed axes, clubs, hammers and swords. Players can make their own choices regarding hard-fought battles and heavy hand-to-hand combats.


The Guardian is a powerful fighter, who protects the weak against bad forces. An experienced Guardian can effectively react and counterattack in combats. Some skills such as Retaliation are dependent on the type of combat situations. But the Guardian is efficient enough to handle the situations and retaliate with his devastating tactics. The Guardian as a heavy tank, accomplishes the challenge of overpowering the enemies with improved survival abilities.

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