Allods Online PvP Guide For Beginners

Allods Online PvP Guide For Beginners
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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of PvP

Most popular MMOs out there have some form of PvP, whether it’s light PvP in arena style instances such as Fallen Earth or grand-scale PvP that takes place anytime or anywhere such as Ran Online or Mortal Online. Allods is a game that falls somewhere in between, giving players who enjoy PvE questing plenty to do up until level 20 and players who can’t get enough PvP plenty to do from level 21 to 40.

This beginner’s guide to PvP gives players a brief overview of what to expect from the PvP in Allods and provides a few tips on how to handle some of the intense moments of PvP’ing after you reach level 20.

Stacking Up The Odds

Old fashioned Kotor Encounter

One of the few things players ask when playing Allods is “How well does ‘X’ class stack up in PvP?” It’s a completely valid question if you entered the game for the sole purpose of laying the smackdown on opposing players.

Now the game is constantly being modified and patched to keep things as balanced as possible, so as far as the classes rank against each other, you can find a rundown of how each class stacks up and what the pros and cons are below. Although, you might want to keep in mind that stats, talents, skills, armor and equipment all play a major factor in PvP as well.

Clash Of The Classes: The Healers

Imperial Healer

Melee Healers are some of the strongest PvP combatants in the game. They have the ability to inflict damage-over-time spells as well as deal massive physical damage with melee attacks. They can battle warriors, hang with the summoners, easily pick off a scout and battle it out with mages. Defeating a melee healer is no easy task and using another melee healer will only result in a stalemate. Psicionist are capable of defeating melee healers by keeping their distance and keeping them blind. A melee healer with Epic gear is one worth avoiding at all costs (unless you’re the one playing them).

Support Healers are awful for one-on-one battling. Then again, they’re not coined for support to beat the crap out of everyone else. Healers who focus on healing teammates and reviving others are perfect for party-play. While a melee healer seems like a kickbutt choice to…well, kick butt, the problem is that keeping teammates alive (something essential when traveling the astral) is not their forte.

Clash Of The Classes: Warriors And Paladins

League Warrior

Warriors are great for beating the mess out of everything, obviously. Warriors also specialize in taking opponents off their feet, literally, while unleashing tons of combo strikes on unsuspecting foes. Players who want to tank, deal damage and basically wipe the floor with any other class one-on-one at close range, can do so with ease. However, summoners and psionicists can put a serious hurting on warriors with their immobilizing debuffs and status effects, which can render a warrior useless if they can’t get close.

Paladins are about the same as warriors with the exception that they can heal teammates and activate a couple of status effects that work well against countering psionicist and mage’s control tricks. Unlike warriors, paladins have to inflict a few status effects to make good use of their skills, which may require a bit of teamwork. At higher levels paladins are quite proficient in one-on-one PvP and can stand their own ground against melee healers, mages and warriors.

Clash Of The Classes: Wardens And Mages

Warden and his bear

Wardens are a mixed breed for PvP. Many players also seem to complain to no need about how difficult it is to PvP as a warden. It’s no shock that playing a warden can be extremely difficult for player battles because a mage warden is only good for support, even with a pet. A melee warden fares better in one-on-one encounters but they are still designed as support characters, especially alongside a warrior or summoner. Wardens also possess a lot of team healing skills, which is essential when PvP’ing out in the astral.

Mages can be used in various capacities, but mostly for inflicting status damage in combination with elemental attacks. Mages are more like a stronger version of a warden and can solo in PvP quite easily. Unlike wardens, though, they lack some of the team support that wardens have and in result, may not be as useful in supporting parties. Mages can deal massive damage at both close and far ranges, making them a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Clash Of The Classes: Psionicist And Summoners

Imperial Psionicists and Summoners

Psionicists are considered as the biggest punks on the game when it comes to PvP. When you encounter them you may not even know it. In fact, they can nearly kill you before you even recognize you’re in a player-versus-player state. Yeah, they’re that dangerous. Psionicists focus on control effects and status attacks. They are perfect for sneak attacks and engaging in one-on-one only when other players don’t see them coming. Psionicists are also perfect for providing party support and keeping the enemies off of other teammates.

Summoners, not matter what build, are perfect for PvP after level 25. Defeating a summoner is no easy task because their summoned pet is like a player all on its own; and the debuffs, control effects and magic attacks can work perfectly in cohesion for summoners to make waste of opponents in one-on-one bouts. For party play the summoners can also be built up to resurrect other players or heal them, making them a good all around character for PvP, so long as they avoid getting directly involved in a melee bout.

Clash Of The Classes: Scouts

League Scout

Scouts are not built to one-on-one in PvP at any level, in close-quarter battles or for melee. It may seem disparaging for those playing scouts, but keep in mind that players who build their scout as a sniper can make waste of any class other than a warrior in about two critical shots. Their ability to kill swiftly at unforeseen distances makes them key in providing support while opponents won’t even be able to spot out who is killing them. Players who also enjoy one-shot PvP kills will easily fall in love with the scout.

Hopefully this Allods Online beginner’s walkthrough for PvP gives a basic overview of what to expect from the classes in Allods Online. If you still need help with classes or quests, be sure to check out the other beginner guides here at Bright Hub. For more information be sure to visit the Official Allods Online Website.

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