Allods Online MMO Walkthrough For Darkwater

Allods Online MMO Walkthrough For Darkwater
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Welcome To Darkwater

When playing on the side of the League, one of the places where some players seem to find it easy to get stuck on is the murky forest called Darkwater. Now, if you’ve made it all the way through the harsh grind-fest known as Siveria and the easy but travel-heavy wintery allods of the Frozen Frontier, then you’ve undoubtedly made it to Darkwater. Unless, of course, you had a high-level breeze you through the Lightwood Forest to get you to Darkwater.

Nevertheless, no matter how you got to Darkwater there are a few things to keep in mind when questing in the dangerous, dark forests of the Kanian allod. This intermediate walkthrough for Allods Online will give gamers a brief look at strategies for completing some quests as well as vital locations of important quest items, such as the under water treasure and completing the Unicorn and Baba Yaga amulet quests.

First Thing Is First…Rep It Up

Partying is essential in Darkwater

Darkwater can go one way or another based on whether players have good reputation gear or not. Coming off the Frozen Frontier, gamers who already have Gibberling rep gear will have some fairly decent weapons and armor in tow, but given that the Darkwater forest is set for level 19 and higher…coming in with rep gear is great but basically only for the early parts of the quests in the forest.

To gain the Kanian reputation gear in Darkwater there are a few quests that are repeatable. If your character specializes in tailoring there’s a repeatable quests for making shirts for the Kanian troops.

A simple quest that can be repeated every so often is the Ghost Hunting quest that requires players to play Ghostbusters for a little while, capturing 10 ghosts using a device to unhide them and another device to capture them, Venkman style.

The other quests that gives 1000 Kanian reputation per completion is placing poison on corpses near the crows. This is a repeatable quest that can also be done in parties and raiding groups. It’s extremely easy to up one’s rep doing the crow quest and most players will ask to party when doing it. The Respected reputation gear is also well worth the grind-fest.

Astral Amber And The Missing Arrow

Catching some rays while looking for the spring

One of the quests that had a lot of players stumped in Allods Online is the Astral Amber quest that requires the ambers to be washed off in a hot spring. The quest is actually part of a branching quest involving the ambers and usually they involve either cleansing or washing the ambers at a spring.

The first spring is in the Fusty bog near a mini-boss. In fact, it’s directly behind him. The mini-boss is part of a separate quest but he’s quite easy and can be soloed. Alternatively, depending on your class can determine how easily you can get past him; if you’re a Warden or Summoner, you can use a pet or summoned creature to distract him while you wash the ambers. Scouts can go invisible and sneak up from behind and wash the ambers without engaging in combat, also.

The more difficult quest involving the ambers requires players to take on a much larger boss on the eastern side of the allod. Unless your toon is level 21 or higher it would probably be best to bring along a few party members. The spring for washing the rest of the ambers is directly behind the boss.

Finding The Missing Treasures

The reasure is under water near the edge of the allod

There are two missing treasure quests in Darkwater. One of the treasure quests involves a dead fisherman and his wife. This quest is easy to complete and simply requires going into the water and head to a broken ship vessel where the fisherman’s chest is located. The ship is just a short ways due east from the house.

The second treasure in Darkwater is a little bit more difficult to find. It’s located under water but there’s a lot of water in the area. However, the good part is that it’s easy to find if you know where to look and the best place to start looking is on the main map. You may notice that there’s a small hut on the map near the bottom of the allod. Just right of the hut near the waterfall is where the treasure is located. It’s very close to the edge so be careful and try not to fall off the edge.

Baba Yaga And The Unicorns

Believe it or not, it’s during the day

When taking on the Baba Yaga quest it’s no big task to take down the witch doctor hanging out in the northern regions of the allod. However, the quest is two pronged and will require players to defeat Baba Yaga and then return, defeat the doctor again and grab an amulet in a chest. It’s a two part quest. Once you defeat Yaga for the second time and grab the amulet, just right click it to destroy it and free the trapped soul.

Now here’s a word of advice: Be sure to complete the unicorn quest first by defeating the unicorn boss just north of the settlement in Darkwater. When the unicorn boss is defeated (he’s in the wooded grove among the other cursed unicorns) a spirit will be released with a quest. Be sure to take on the quest and complete it before beating Baba Yaga and breaking the amulet. There are some special items in store when both quests are completed.

The Enchanted Aviaks

Aviaks aren’t tough but they can be annoying

The Enchanted Aviaks quest isn’t very difficult but it can be tedious since it’s also part of a series of stringed quests. The one thing that usually got a lot of players jammed was when it came time to weave shirts and place them on the enchanted Aviaks. The quest isn’t all that difficult, as the nettle required to weave the shirts is located within the patch of Aviak warriors and priests around their camping ground. After weaving the nettle by right-clicking on it and making the shirts, you’ll need to head just past Baba Yaga’s witch doctor camp and along the path, just northeast of Yaga’s place you may notice another set of Aviaks with yellow names, flying around. These are enchanted Aviaks and do not attack. Simply click the shirts on them after highlighting them and it’ll turn them back into humans. It’s really that simple.

The Bog Monster And The Family Tree

Beyond the corridor the Family Tree awaits

Anyone planning on doing the bog monster quest for killing Nessie best bring along a raiding party. It’s as simple as that. Nessie is a big ‘ole boss that requires a full party of high levels or a moderate raiding party to defeat.

Now, there’s really no need to have guide for the Family Tree. It’s a straight-through instance that’s extremely hard for any group of players under level 25. Yes, it’s that hard. The best advice for approaching Family Tree is taking a level 25 tank in and a healer. So long as the healer heals the tank then it’s all good and the group should be able to handle most of the bosses.

The only thing to keep an eye out for is the Family Tree…it’s actually a book that’s near the end of the instance, leading up to the final boss inside the castle. You’ll find the book on a stool next to a candle at the base of a spiral staircase that leads up to the hallway that eventually leads to the main boss. The Family Tree respawns every five minutes. So if you have a group of five or more people it’s best to get it in intervals.

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