Allods Online Scout Guide: Intermediate Walkthrough

Allods Online Scout Guide: Intermediate Walkthrough
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Allods Online Scout Guide - Ranger, Scouts And Stalkers Unite

After checking out the beginner guide for Trickster, Scouts, Rangers or Stalkers, you might be interested in finding out how Scouts work out during the mid-game, between levels 10 and 25. The good news is that Scouts are one of strongest (if not the strongest) class in Allods, mid-game.

Yes, between level 10 and 25, with the right gear and a few rubies…Scouts are over-powered. Keep reading to find out where to put the rubies to get the most out of your talent grid, and what skills and gear to focus on while leveling in this Allods Online intermediate guide for Scouts.

Allods Online Scout Guide - Level 10 Means Grabbing Rubies

Never leave home without an adventure stone

After reaching level 10 players are eligible for using rubies. Rubies can be used once per level, every level. Rubies get more expensive per every purchase so it’s important to keep money on-hand when purchasing them.

The talent grid opens for use with rubies for the following skills: Lunge, Steady Shot, and Camouflage. They’re rowed up along the side of the Talent window when you press ‘N’.

The talent grid for Lunge is all about melee combat. If you want to build a Scout for melee (which is not really advised for solo PvE or PvP) then you can focus a lot of the rubies on the Lunge skills.

The Camouflage grid focuses on stealth skills; adding points within this grid increase energy when Camouflaged or allows to add new abilities to get out of a tight bind.

The Steady Shot grid is all about sniping skills. Putting rubies within this grid allows players to increase the power output of distanced shots, or add more critical abilities to skills.

Melee Versus Sniping: Melee

Ready to cleave as a melee Scout

The mid-levels of being a Scout actually offers players a few varieties on maximizing their effectiveness as either a sniper or a melee toon. Take note, though, as mentioned, melee Scouts are quite useless in solo situations because of their lack of defense. Unlike the defensive skills that Warriors, melee Healers, Wardens or Paladins have, Scouts are left with nothing to get out of a melee bind save for the skills Recoil and Caltrops. So keep in mind that if you plan on being a melee Scout, be sure to stay in a group as Scouts build a lot of aggro but are unable to defend well or tank a lot of damage. To utilize melee tactics early on, try putting rubies in Jagged Blades or Inevitable Death, along with Accumulated Heat.

Melee Versus Sniping: Sniper

If you see it, you can shoot it

For sniping, it’s easy to solo in PvE scenarios. However, for players who plan to snipe it’s important to note that if anything survives your attacks and gets close enough to deal damage, then it will deal a lot of damage. There’s a possibility of mixing and matching melee and sniping abilities, but prime sniping tactics fall in line with putting rubies in Eagle Eye to extend a Scout or Stalker’s distance, while also amping up Steady Shot with Heavy Tip in the Steady Shot category of the talent grid. Added to this, most of the items you will need for effective sniping will be in the Steady Shot and Camouflage categories.

Regardless of whether you plan to fight up close or keep a distance, be sure to acquire the Sprint skill from the talent grid using rubies. Sprint is excellent for getting out of a tight bind and creating some distance, especially for making enough space to get in a kill shot.

How To Make A Scout Overpowered

Dual-Scouts are deadly

The luck and strength stats a play a big part in overpowering a Scout or Stalker early on in Allods Online. Luck makes critical shots and one-shot KOs using Merciless shot a wondrous skill, while strength will deal the damage necessary to take tons of HP from opponents.

Between levels 10 and 25, try getting gear that adds plenty of luck and strength to your toon’s stat cache so that you can kill fast and move on to the next target quickly and efficiently. It also makes party play a breeze given that Scouts can help one-shot opponents, making them perfect for support characters in raids or boss fights

Incendiary Arrows Versus Tesla Arrows

Fear the Fire

Many lower level Scouts/Stalkers/Rangers question when a good time is to add points to Incendiary arrows or if it’s important at all given that later on Tesla arrows become available. Well, the thing to keep in mind is that Incendiary arrows are excellent for wearing down bosses or other enemies with excellent damage-over-time effects. Tesla arrows are better for area-of-effect scenarios, but for as long as they’re in effect the arrows will harm any monsters nearby, adding a ton of additional agro for the Scout.

It’s not a bad idea to actually keep both skills on hand when they become available and hold off leveling them up until you can feel out how you plan to develop your Scout from level 25 plus. Tesla arrows are perfect for groups and mobs when you’re in party play, but Incendiary arrows work far better for solo situations.

Tranquilizing And Heartbreaking The Bad Guys

A swashbuckling Scout

One of the biggest debates for making a Scout usually boils down to Tranquil arrows versus Heartbreakers. In truth, they’re both extremely important in different scenarios. The Heartbreaker can be used to stun opponents, knock them off their feet for a few seconds and can be stacked. While the skill is extremely useful, the problem is that once they get un-stunned you have to hope that their life is low enough to wipe them out before they get too close, otherwise you’ll be in a tough spot. The skill is equally useful for PvP and PvE for levels 10 up to 25.

Tranquilizer arrows slow opponents down and detract from the attack and casting speeds of the victim. The downside to Tranquilizer arrows is that they don’t have the critical hit bonus of Heartbreakers and they don’t knock opponents down. However, Tranquilizer arrows are usually always effective and are more reliable than Heartbreakers. Oftentimes, it’s best to switch between both Tranquilizer and Heartbreaker arrows to get the most effectiveness out of them when soloing.

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