Allods Online Advanced Walkthrough For Scouts

Allods Online Advanced Walkthrough For Scouts
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Elite Rangers, Stalkers And Tricksters Unite

Toughing through the early goings of Allods as a Scout/Ranger/Stalker may have proved fun between the levels 1-10 and challenging between 15 and 20. But many gamers may have found themselves in a hairy situation after level 25 with all the PvP and party-related quests in the Holy Land, El June, Dragon Ring and Coba Plateau.

No worries, though, this Allods Online advanced walkthrough for Scouts will help players with picking the right skills, applying the right rubies to the right grid skills and using the quiver to not only battle mobs but take down bosses, as well.

Level 25 And Beyond For A Scout

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The intermediate guide for Scouts was primarily about introducing gamers to rubies, and getting the basics in tow for not only PvP but stealthily taking out foes with just a few double shots and a well placed merciless arrow.

This guide is for level 25 and above Scouts who need a little direction in their leveling and questing. The good news is that you’re already past the half-way point but the bad news is that you’re still going to have to grind through the likes of El June, sneak through the zem totems of the Coba Plateau, or duke it out with the brutal inhabitants of the Dragon Ring isle.

The most important piece of advice that you’ll probably receive is to upgrade your equipment and keep your stats balanced. Tons of players quit Allods Online once they get to the Holy Lands or beyond because for some classes it just gets really tough, but it’s usually in response to a lack of balance for a character’s stats.

So if you find yourself getting whooped more than usual, just remember to keep your stats balanced first and foremost.

Advanced Strategies For A Melee Scout

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After finding ways to balancing your stats (because any strategy is useless if your star-stats indicate that they’re low for your level) you’re probably curious how to make your Scout useful for what you intended them to be. For melee Scouts you’ll probably already have rubies in Slaughterhouse, Parry and Dodging, considering that the only defensive skills a Scout has for melee is in the ability to have high dodging and parrying.

Melee Scouts are best utilized with a fast weapon with high DPS as opposed to a slower weapon with high damage. The advantage of a fast weapon means Scouts can switch between Sleight of Hand, Lunge and Scissors rather quickly and alternate attacks to lay down some serious melee damage in a very short amount of time.

Another important melee attack is the Sambo roll, which doesn’t really do any damage but allows Scouts to knock down non-bosses for a few seconds and follow-up with a back attack. Combining Heartbreakers with Tranquilizers during melee with the use of Sleight of Hand enables you to knock opponents off their feet with melee attacks while slowing them down with Tranq darts.

Advanced Strategies For Ranged Scouts

A Warbanner is an invitation for PvP pain

Ranged Scouts are entirely about mixed tactics for keeping opponents stunned and at a distance. There’s no point putting tons of rubies into Eagle Eye, increased damage for Steady Shot and additional damage effects into Rapid Fire if opponents are always creeping up on you.

The main focus is on keeping close-range opponents off their feet and long-range opponents off their game with the throat-shot skill and damage-over-time attacks.

Try adding this combination sequence in your quiver for physical-based opponents: Incendiary arrows (or Tesla), Heartbreaker, Tranquilizer Arrow, Heartbreaker, Incendiary (or Tesla), Heartbreaker, Tranquilizer.

The purpose of adding so many Heartbreakers into the mix is so when you knock an opponent off their feet you can use rapid fire to keep them stunned. You want a DOT arrow in the quiver so while you have them stun locked the Incendiary or Tesla arrows are continuing to inflict additional damage.

Advanced Strategies For Ranged Scouts: Part 2

A full party is the perfect place for a Scout

Opponents who focus on keeping a distance and rely on attacking Scouts with projectiles can be difficult for Scouts to fight since out-running them is just not much of a possibility even with the ruby-generated skill, Sprint.

In order to effectively create enough distance between long-range opponents and do some damage it’s important to lay a throat-shot down on an opponent to keep them from casting any spells or shooting any damaging projectiles and then laying some DOT attacks such as Incendiary/Tesla effects on them followed by a Tranquilizer arrow to keep their attack rates slowed down.

It may seem tricky but the game was designed to be tricky for Scouts given that they can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Just be sure to start every attack with Merciless shot, and for ranged-Scouts it would probably be best to have a few rubies in Unfair Advantage so you can deal extra critical strikes when out of combat or from behind an unsuspecting foe.

Crossbows Versus Long Bows

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Throughout the game you might find yourself questioning which is better to use: a crossbow or a long bow? Well, the debate usually boils down to scenario. Crossbows are excellent for long range and dealing tons of damage in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Long bows have quicker speeds and can put down PvE foes or PvP opponents with its quick rapid-fire and high reliance on stun-locking.

Primarily, it’s probably best to keep both on hand because one isn’t necessarily better than the other in all scenarios. Crossbows can easily get a Scout killed in solo PvE due to their high consumption of energy and slow charging speeds. Although, when partying, crossbows work far more efficiently in combat because other party members are there to dissipate the agro in a PvE scenario.

Long bows are the prime choice of weapons for solo PvE because they fire fast, take less energy to use and allow players to get off a merciless shot much quicker than a Crossbow. Also keep in mind that for PvP, long bows are better for stun-locking opponents and keeping them off their feet while crossbows are better for setting up a Merciless shot from an unforeseen distance.

Hopefully this Allods Online advanced Scout guide will help you nail a few bad guys and power through a few quests on the game.

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