Allods Onine quest guide: In-Depth Walkthrough For Coba Plateau

Allods Onine quest guide: In-Depth Walkthrough For Coba Plateau
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Allods Onine quest guide: Visiting the four Anomalies

So you’ve completed the quest in the first part of the guide and now it’s time to venture deeper into the Coba territorie? Well, no worries, because things start getting hairy once the quest for the Four Anomalies arises but this walkthrough has you covered.

The four Anomalies quest is easily one of the more time consuming, along with gathering the four items for the Free Trader in order to gain access to rare equipment. The first Anomaly is at the Giant’s Table at the top of the mountain. The second Anomaly is located at the center of the Spectral Gorge just before you get to the Tep temple. The only other thing to watch out for is all the Tep maniacs running around. If you have a speed potion or can go invisible, it would be best to use it in order to get in and out.

The third Anomaly is located near the bone boss, Husk, on the Isle of Weakness. The Isle of Weakness is a very annoying place that can prove to be difficult to maneuver given that it slowly zaps energy and mana. The Anomaly is located near the top of the Isles of Weakness; or rather, it’s at the northern isle.

The fourth Anomaly is in the Barren Boneyard. Head inside and follow the Zem towers south until you reach a dilapidated obstruction. It almost looks like a temple. Once you reach it, it’ll count as having found the final Anomaly.

The Free Trader’s Request

Just enjoying the sites

Inside the courtyard at the Prospector’s Inn a Free Trader has a quest that sees players venturing out to gather up some supplies in order to earn some high-end weapons and gear. The items that must be gathered are as follows: Strange bandages, Eyes, Black rock, and Heavy cufflinks. Some players openly languished at having difficulty in finding the items, so here’s a quick guided rundown of where to find each of the items.

Also take note that this is a quest that’s best completed in conjunction with the Four Anomalies. And it’s best to ensure that your inventory is freed up, otherwise you’ll have to make several trips back to a vendor NPC, but beyond the goblin gate it’s tough getting back and forth to NPCs. Hence, free up your inventory before heading beyond the gate because you’ll need as much free space for this quest as possible.

The Free Trader’s Request Part 2

Watching astral ships at the Isle of Weakness

Now the first stop, just like with the Anomalies, is to head to the Giant’s table up near the skeletons. You’ll find the Zem towers scattered around the top of the cliff. Just like with the Stingers you’ll need to examine the floating rocks and grab the Black rocks. You’ll need 10 of each item.

Next up is to head to the Spectral Gorge for the Strange bandages. The best place to grab them is to go near the Zem towers next to the caged Imperial spies where there are at least five to six floating rocks.

The Eyeballs are at the Isle of Weakness, located around the Zem towers. They’re quire easy to find and shouldn’t be a problem capturing.

The last are the Heavy cuffs. These can be a challenge to grab because inside the Barren Boneyard a debuff activates that slows your toon down. It’s best to exercise patience and tactics maneuvering through the Boneyard and this should allow you to retrieve the Heavy cuffs with ease.

The Four Debtors

The Kiddy family debt at the Demon Hunter camp

This is one of the most tedious quests in the Coba Plateau and a lot of players just eventually give up because finding all four can be a serious pain if you have no idea where to look. However, finding the four debtors isn’t quite as bad as you think if you figured out the pattern of their locations.

The first debtor can be found near the Giant’s Table. The debtor is dead and is actually on an adjacent hill to the temple. You’ll know it’s the right hill because it has a whole bunch of vultures on it. The last vulture, the boss, is the one guarding the first debtor. Kill the vulture and check the bones.

The second debtor is at the Spectral Gorge inside the temple. Simply kill the boss Tep and the loot contains the debtor’s item.

The third debtor is actually not at Blackjack’s Bid. The map marker is a trick. The real third debtor is at the Demon Hunter’s camp next to the Isle of Weakness and it’s given out by a Gibberling.

The fourth debtor is located at the camp just east of the Barren Boneyard. The item for the fourth debtor requires some grinding in the Boneyard but it’s easy to gather up.

Bosses, Zem Dolls And Treasure

Prepping for the boss at Blackjack’s Bid

A few players often found themselves getting stumped when trying to find the 5 Zem Dolls for one of the final quest at Coba. Just head to each of the four Anomalies and look for Gibberling bones. You may have to press ‘T’ to spot them out but once you find the bones you’ll find a Zem Doll. It takes about 10 minutes for the bodies to respawn.

There are a number of bosses in Coba that cannot be defeated without some serious help. Don’t be afraid to group together with whoever is around in order to get the quests done because Coba, unlike El June or Asee-Teph, has a lot of quests that cannot be completed solo with certain classes. Feel free to also ask if a level 40 is in the neighborhood to lend a hand with the Pirate Admiral or the Shadow Prospector.

As for the treasure, in case you didn’t notice it when you were questing around it’s on the Isle of Weakness. In fact, it’s directly behind the Husk boss on a small tomb tablet.

If you need more help be sure to check out the other Bright Hub guides for Allods Online. For further information on the game feel free to drop by the Official Website.

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