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Walkthrough of Chapter 12, Final Fantasy XIII

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of the walkthrough details where to go in Chapter 12 and where the treasure orbs can be found. You will also find details on how to beat Adamanchelid and The Proudclad in Eden.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - Anavatapta Warmech

    Final Fantasy XIII: Anavatapta Warmech. When the brilliant cutscene ends, you'll be forced to fight a Warmech, as Lightning with Odin. Use Odin's Gestalt abilities. When the last one is used, the enemy will be invulnerable. The aim here is to build up the chain gauge to stagger it, so that you can damage it. So, while building the gauge, keep yourself healed and as soon as it's staggered, finish it off. That's all there is to it.

    After you regain control, sort your team out and save the game.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - Eden Grand Prix Circuit

    Move ahead after saving and don't forget to open any treasure orbs you spot. I'd give the locations but they're easy to see. After reaching the marker, you'll jump down to another area. Save there and fight your way through the Corps soldiers. It might be worthwhile farming them by resetting the game for the Incentive Chips they drop. That way, you have the Gil/money to upgrade your items further. At the end of the path, activate the red panels.

    After doing this, you'll be face to face with a Behemoth King. He shouldn't be a problem at all really as they were a normal enemy in the Archlyte Steppe during Chapter 11. Save your game after defeating him and continue fighting your way through the enemies. After a while, you'll face a Proto-behemoth. Defeat it and save. Then you'll be facing a boss.

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    Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - Recommended Paradgims

    Take Lightning, Hope and Sazh with you. Have your Paradgims setup like this:

    1) All For One. (Default)

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Synergist. Sazh: Synergist.

    2) Relentless Assault.

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Ravager. Sazh: Ravager.

    3) Diversity.

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Ravager.

    4) Discretion.

    Lightning: Medic. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Commando.

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      Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - The Proudclad

      Final Fantasy XIII: The Proudclad. The boss is not that hard, but that's to be expected really considering where it is situated in Chapter 12. I had some physical resistance items equipped on my characters as well as health boosts. For the most part, just buff your characters and then remain in Diversity and switch to Relentless Assault when you're healthy. However, once you've whittled down his health a lot, he'll use a move called Limiters Deactivated. This basically hastes the boss and makes him rather nasty. He can cancel your buffs as well. So, if you get into trouble, don't forget to switch to the Discretion Paradgim. That's all there is to it really. I didn't exactly have a lot of physical resistance items equipped either.

      After the fight, don't go to the marker straight away. Instead, save and make sure your resistances are high against magic and physical. You'll be facing one of those massive turtle like creatures from the Archlyte Steppe. When you're happy, move to the markers.

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      Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - Adamanchelid

      Final Fantasy XIII: Adamanchelid. There is no option to avoid this fight, like there was in Chapter 11 on Gran Pulse and in Archlyte Steppe. So, you're going to have to win one way or the other. What I did was get haste on all my characters first, then switch to the Discretion Paradgim to heal through the damage and slowly over time, I'd switch to All For One and back to Discretion to receive the buffs and carry on healing. When the buffs are applied, you can (for the most part) remain in the Diversity Paradgim. If you do this, you should be fine.

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      Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - After Beating Adamanchelid

      After defeating Adamanchelid, save your game and move forward. When you reach more of the Adamanchelid, avoid fighting them and open the two orbs. Continue then. Open the door when you come to the end of the path. Save your game up ahead and continue following the mini-map arrow. You can go to the circular area though first to open an orb for two Blaze Rings. When you come to the next crossroads, go left for an orb containing a Librascope. Then resume heading to the marker. After watching the cutscene with old friends featured in it, save your game and continue on. Save your game after viewing the next cutscene with Barthandelus in it and move forward, opening the door at the end.

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      Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - Edenhall Grand Foyer

      Save your game up ahead and proceed down the corridor. Fight your way through the enemies that show up following the cutscene and head towards the next marker. Save your game after a cutscene plays showing soldiers turned into Cie'th. Go right first up the stairs for a treasure orb containing a Power Glove, then continue heading for the marker. At the end, you'll be forced to fight The Proudclad again.

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      Final Fantasy XIII: Chapter 12 - The Second Proudclad Fight

      Final Fantasy XIII: The second Proudclad fight. The fight is not too tough again, like the previous fight against The Proudclad wasn't. He does have a few new tricks up his sleeve though, like Muon Blaster which damages everyone. Also, he can switch stances. When he does, he'll move to the ground or into the air. This resets his chain gauge, so you'll need to build the gauge quite quickly. As long as you have buffs, use Relentless Assault and only switch to Diversity or Distraction when you need healing to counter the stance switching. Also, when he's in the air, he can charge and when he's fully charged, he'll revert back to his ground form. As with the earlier encounter, the real danage is when he uses Limiters Deactivated, therefore making him attack faster and harder alongside healing. He can also use a move called Oneric Maelstrom that damages everyone really badly following the limiters being deactivated, when he's on the ground. Eventually, the boss will be defeated.

      After the cutscene, save and move to the marker and descend into the heart of Edenhall. This marks the end of Chapter 12.

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