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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11

by: Rob Kentworth ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

This part of the walkthrough for Final Fantasy XIII details where to go and where the treasure orbs can be found during Chapter 11. You'll also find details on how to beat Hecatoncheir, Dahaka and Barthandelus. Some of the optional missions are also detailed.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Terra Incognita

    Final Fantasy XIII: Alexander. Upon gaining control, follow the mini-map directions after saving. When you come to the marker, you'll find Hope and a Eidolon battle will begin with Alexander after a cutscene.

    The first thing you need to know here is that Alexander is really quite slow. So, you shouldn't feel too hard pressed to heal etc. Now then, when the fight begins, switch to the Protection Paradgim to heal and buff your party. Then, to build the chain/gestalt gauge and keep your party alive, you'll want to switch between the Relentless Assault and Solidarity Paradgims, or perhaps the Combat Clinic one for healing. Soon enough, the gauge should be filled and the fight over. It's not amongst the hardest Eidolon fights at least.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - The Archlyte Steppe

    Final Fantasy XIII: The Archylte Steppe - Central Expanse. After beating Alexander and watching the cutscenes, alongside the one regarding Cie'th stones and read the Primer entry, save your game. Move forwards and activate the Cie'th stone, then open your map and head towards the star icon. Zoom out and you'll spot it, it's a red star.

    When you reach it, you'll be in a fight against a flan like enemy. It's really pretty easy to beat, so there's no real need to give details here. When it's beaten though, remember where you got this mission from. The reason for this is because the missions are repeatable. While they won't give the reward for beating them the first time more than once, they will give you a secondary reward each time. The secondary item reward for this mission, alongside 980 CP, is three Bomb Shells. These are handy as they give between 300 - 400 experience points each for items when upgrading and they each sell for 420 Gil. It saves you relying on random drops from enemies.

    Also, beat the second mission near the mark. If you can, upgrade your physical resistance items for this fight and grind out some CP.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Optional Missions

    After beating the second mission, take the next mission close-by and save your game.

    Now then, it's important to note that this part is where the game really opens up, though you probably gathered that as soon as you found the first mission and entered the Archlyte Steppe. Many of the enemies are tough and grinding CP will help you out a tonne, as will upgrading items. I'll cover the first batch of optional things you should do here. So, after saving your game following the completion of the second mission, head towards the icon for the third mission. It's back near where you entered the area and continue following the mission marker.

    When you come to the mark for the third mission, just make sure you have two Synergists and start with them. You should be fine if you do that. Save your game and then go to the orange Ci'eth stone marker close-by. Accept the mission and the orange ones represent teleporters. So when you complete their missions, you can teleport to that location from another orange Ci'eth stone. So, head to the next mark and beat it. With that done, it's time to head back to the Archlyte Steppe and continue with the story.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Continuing the Story

    Final Fantasy XIII: Gate encounter before Mah'habara, the next story location from Archlyte Steppe. When you reach the Archlyte Steppe, save your game. Now then, it might be wise to complete the orange/teleporter Ci'eth mission first nearby, but I won't be covering that. Instead, grind when you're ready and head towards the story marker in this area. Over time though, I may update this with more information on the optional parts. Also, when you near the story marker, there will be tough challenges there. Some enemies can one-shot you, so while the 'gate' encounter can be avoided for the next story area, you may want to grind a lot of CP and upgrade items before heading there. In any case, the gate encounter is a good test. However, if you can't handle it, it doesn't mean you're not ready to continue with the story.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Mah'habara

    Final Fantasy XIII: Mah'habara entrance. When you do reach the story marker in the Archlyte Steppe and move into the next area (marked by a different appearance etc.), save your game. Then move towards the next story marker. When you come to a fork in the path, don't go left unless you feel you can handle a rather tough enemy that requires you to have fire protection and Haste, plus health and nice equipment to prevent him killing you in a matter of seconds. That's most likely to happen if you haven't done a lot of grinding.

    Instead, carry on following the mini-map marker. When you approach three mechanical enemies, one of them quite bulky, destroy the bulky one first (Boxed Phalanx). Save your game after the cutscene.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - How to Beat Hecatoncheir

    After saving, move towards the next story marker. Don't forget to orbs the orbs where there's two branches off the main path, with a solitary mechanical enemy called Pulsework Centurion. After the cutscene that showed a fal'Cie tunneling through the area, take the path by the Ci'eth Stone to the left instead of following the mini-map arrow for four Tesla Turbines. Then resume following the mini-map arrow.

    Final Fantasy XIII: Hecatoncheir. Save your game when you come to the next save-point, which lies outdoors. Make sure you upgrade Vanilla and Fang now if you haven't been using them and also equip them. You'll need to soak magical and physical damage, plus extra HP will help. Then move to the marker and watch the cutscene. You'll be forced into battle against another Eidolon. The best time to charge the Gestalt Gauge of Hecatoncheir by debuffing him is when he's preparing Looming Wrath, but be prepared to heal when the move is used. In fact, having Vanilla as a Saboteur and Fang as a Sentinel for most of the fight unless you need to heal might be the best bet.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Dusktide Grotto

    Final Fantasy XIII: Entrance to Dusktide Grotto. Save your game after the Eidolon fight. Then proceed on. Now when you come to the next save-point, you'll see a big lumbering robot and I'd recommend avoiding it as it's another Juggernaut enemy. However, if you have protection against fire and feel confident, then feel free to try and defeat the enemy. He also has a devastating Wrecking Ball move though and I'm not sure what type of damage it deals.

    Regardless, I'd suggest ignoring the machine and taking the path to the right for a treasure orb containing a Particle Accelarator. Then follow the mini-map arrow. When you reach the marker, examine the object and watch the cutscene. Then board Atomos. You can always reboard it to return.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Subterranean Lake

    Final Fantasy XIII: Subterranean Lake. Save your game and move to the next story marker, then watch the cutscene. Move on and after you defeat the frog like enemies, you can go to the left and examine the water. A cutscene will play introducing a fal'Cie. Then, continue following the mini-map arrow.

    Watch the next cutscene, then save the game and head to the next marker. Again, save and proceed on.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - The Palisades

    After watching the cutscene saying Fang and Vanilla are nearly home, alongside seeing the flying fal'Cie, you'll see a Ci'eth Waystone when you regain control. I'd suggest trying to complete the mission for teleporter access to the region and to ones previously unlocked. So, take the mission and head towards the mark and the story marker. The mark is not tough at all, it just takes a while. After the fight, continue on and you'll enter the tower.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Taejin's Tower

    Move forwards and watch the cutscene. Save your game and defeat the enemies in the area, while opening the treasure orbs. Then move to the story marker. Go to the Second Tier, save and move forward. After watching the cutscene, go through the hole in the wall created by the fal'Cie.

    The Pulsework Gladiators here are decent enemies to farm. However, as the primer said, accept the statue's mission when ready. Move up the stairs and head towards the mark. The fight is not hard at all, but just make sure you start with two Synergists. Afterwards, accept the next mission and head to the mark. Again, not too hard but do the same as with the last mark with regards to two Synergists and make sure you kill one Cryptos, then Angling Bellows. Take the final mission then and head to the next mark. Start with two Synergists again and stagger it as soon as possible to win the fight. When it's defeated, the fire blocking the way will be cleared. Head to the marker. Save, then continue on and examine the next statue at the marker. Head towards the next marker but open the orb first for 2 Metal Armbands. Continue on then, beating the missions/marks as you find them, while following the story markers.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - To the Apex in Taejin's Tower

    Eventually, you'll get a message about the central elevator being able to go to the sixth tier. So, go to the next marker and take the elevator down to the fourth, then save before riding to the sixth tier. Move to the next marker then and it's best to take the left route there, so you can open the orbs. When you reach the marker, take the elevator to the Apex. Save your game and open the orbs.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - How to Beat Dahaka

    Final Fantasy XIII: How to beat Dahaka, a fal'Cie, during Chapter 11. 

    Note: For the recommended Paradgims for this fight, look to the next page and the recommended ones for the end boss fight.

    You'll now be facing the fal'Cie, Dahaka. The boss has very powerful magic, so make sure you're prepared for that. I used Lightning, Hope and Sazh with the starting Paradgim consisting of Lightning as a Commando and the other two as Synergists. What I did was equip each character with some health boosting items and also a Rune Bracelet that's maxed out so each character had 20% magic resistance. As long as you keep on top of the buffs and keep healing, alongside staggering him as quickly as you can, you'll be fine though the fight takes a while. Do note the boss is susceptible to Imperil though, so it's up to you if you wish to bring a Saboteur. Also, one last thing, the boss changes colours and that represents the elemental attacks he may use. Also, he likes to use Foul Utterance which can one shot a character, so be ready. Diluval Plague when he uses it can wipe out buffs as well as debuff you. If you need to, use your summon when he's nearly dead.

    After equipping yourself for the fight, head to the marker.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - In Oerba

    Final Fantasy XIII: Oerba. After beating Dahaka, save and head towards the story marker. Board the elevator and save your game when you can, then proceed on. When you come to a fork, go left first for a treasure orb containing a nugget of Perovskite. Then continue. However, before proceeding to the marker, you may want to grab the teleporter stone mission first.

    Head towards the next marker after watching the cutscene. Open the orb up the stairs after jumping over tree roots for a Librascope, when you come to it. Then defeat the mark nearby. Getting a pre-remptive strike on the mark will help a tonne due to the amount of enemies and the physical damage they deal. It'll help lessen their numbers quickly, therefore minimising the damage you take. Continue on then, but make sure you get the orbs on the roof of a nearby building just after the mark. Save your game when you come to the save-point and continue. When you go up the stairs, open the orb in the opposite direction of the marker for a Flamebane Brooch. Continue and save your game just before the next marker.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Recommended Paradgims for the Next Fight

    Take Lightning, Hope and Sazh with you. Have your Paradgims setup like this:

    1) All For One. (Default)

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Synergist. Sazh: Synergist.

    2) Relentless Assault.

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Ravager. Sazh: Ravager.

    3) Convalescence.

    Lightning: Medic. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Synergist.

    4) Diversity.

    Lightning: Commando. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Ravager.

    5) Discretion.

    Lightning: Medic. Hope: Medic. Sazh: Commando.

    6) Decimation.

    Lightning: Ravager. Hope: Synergist. Sazh: Commando.

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    Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 11 - Barthandelus

    Final fantasy XIII: Barthandelus in Chapter 11. Move to the marker and you'll view a cutscene, then fight Barthandelus for the second time. It's important to note here that this boss really isn't hard at all, he just takes a long time to beat. When you begin the fight, buff up. You really only need haste. He has one damaging move called Thanatosian Laughter, so when you see it, make sure you're ready to heal. Apoptosis damages you and removes buffs. Towards the end of the fight, he'll cast Doom on you. If you find yourself running low on time like I did, use your summon so that the Doom timer is stopped. It resumes after the summon disappears.

    The plan is to use Diversity for the most part, switching to Relentless Assault when you're healthy or want to damage him/build the chain quickly. On occasion, switch to All For One to buff and also to Discretion if you need extra healing power. That's all there is to it really.

    After the fight, examine the l'Cieth stone and then move to the ship and board it to end the chapter.

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