Final Fantasy 13 Unlocks for Story Progress

Final Fantasy 13 Unlocks for Story Progress
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Final Fantasy 13 Achievements

Achievements (or trophies for the ps3) in Final Fantasy 13 fall into one of two categories. Story progress and Extracurricular. This guide will list each of them and what it takes to accomplish them, as well as what they’re worth in gamer points (or the trophy color.)

Story Progress

Instrument of Fate - 15 G (Bronze) - Took the first steps toward challenging an unjust fate. - Defeat the first boss of chapter 1.

Instrument of Dissent - 15 G (Bronze) - Survived the Purge to confront a greater peril. - Reach Chapter 2.

Instrument of Tragedy - 15 G (Bronze) - Strode into danger’s den and paid the consequences. - Reach Chapter 3.

Instrument of Flight - 15 G (Bronze) - Slipped through the net and lived to fight another day. - Reach Chapter 4.

Instrument of Vengeance - 15 G (Bronze) - Resolved to be more than a victim of circumstance. - Reach Chapter 5.

Instrument of Survival - 15 G (Bronze) - Evaded pursuers, though memories of the past still give chase. - Reach Chapter 6.

Instrument of Rebellion - 15 G (Bronze) - Made plans to infiltrate enemy-occupied territory. - Reach Chapter 7.

Instrument of Shame - 15 G (Bronze) - Carried the burden of guilt to the end of the line. - Reach Chapter 8.

Instrument of Wrath - 15 G (Bronze) - Took the fight to the enemy’s door. - Reach Chapter 9.

Instrument of Truth - 15 G (Bronze) - Recognized the true threat to the world’s future. - Reach Chapter 10.

Instrument of Hope - 15 G (Bronze) - Traveled to the world below, seeking a way to alter fate. - Reach Chapter 11.

Instrument of Faith - 30 G (Silver) - Defied destiny’s charge and embarked on a different path. - Reach Chapter 12. Note: This achievement unlocks Vanilla’s gamer pic on the 360, and her XMB theme on the PS3.

FF13 logo

Instrument of Change - 95 G (Gold) - Witnessed the dawn of a new crystal legend. - Beat the game. Note: This achievement unlocks Hope’s gamer pic on the 360, and his XMB theme on the PS3. Don’t forget to watch the credits and save the clear data afterwards!

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Final Fantasy 13 Unlocks


Pulsian Pioneer - 15 G (Bronze) - Walk 10,000 steps on the surface of pulse, then talk to Pacti.

Gysahl Wreath - 15 G (Bronze) - Using the chocobo dig mini game, dig up a ribbon.

Kelger’s Cup - 15 G (Bronze) - Complete all D-rank Cie’th Stone missions, i.e. Missions 1-5.

Final Fantasy XIII Large

Xezat’s Chalice - 15 G (Bronze) - Complete all C-rank Cie’th Stone missions. The list is: 6-15, 18-22, 28, 35-37, 39, 56, and 57.

Commando’s Seal, Ravager’s Seal, Sentinel’s Seal, Saboteur’s Seal, Synergist’s Seal, and Medic’s Seal. - 15 G (Bronze) - For each of these six achievemnts, you must max out the Crystarium for that role on one character. It doesn’t matter what character. You cannot complete these until you have beaten the game, as the final Crystarium level is only unlocked with clear data.

Master’s Seal - 30 G (Silver) - Fully max out the Crystarium for all six roles, for all six characters. Read later in this guide for tips for grinding the CP necessary!

Exorcist - 30 G (Silver) - Complete Missions 7, 12, 27, 30, 34, 51, and 64. These seven battles pit you against the Undying, which are powerful Cie’th monsters.

Floraphobe - 30 G (Silver) - Complete Mission 54, which pits you against the Jumbo Cactuar.

Natural Selector - 30 G (Silver) - Complete the Titan’s Trials, i.e. Missions 35-51.

Dorgann’s Trophy - 30 G (Silver) - Complete all B-rank Cie’th Stone Missions. The list is: 16, 17, 23-27, 29-34, 38, 40, 42, 43, 47, 50, 54, and 58.

Galuf’s Grail - 30 G (Silver) - Complete ALL Cie’th Stone Missions. You do not need any specific star ranking to obtain this achievement.

Limit Breaker - 30 G (Silver) - Deal 100,000 damage with one single attack. To do this you need the Genji Gloves. If you do not have them, your characters are limited to 99,999 damage with a single blow. Eidolons, however, are not limited, so it is possible to use a high powered Eidolon attack to break the limit. Fang with Highwind is good for the Genji Glove method. Bahamut’s Mega Flare is good for the Eidolon method.


Adamant Will - 30 G (Silver) - Defeat a Long Gui. Describing how to do this would take an exceptionally long time, but for a general idea, check out this youtube video.

L’cie Paragon - 80 G (Gold) - Complete ALL Cie’th Stone Missions with a 5-star rank. Pressing X on the 360 or Square on the PS3 while in the Map Menu lets you see all of your missions and what ranking you’ve gotten on them. This achievement unlocks Snow’s gamer pic for the 360 and his XMB theme for the PS3.

Treasure Hunter - 80 G (Gold) - At some point in the game have held every weapon and accessory. You do NOT need to have them all at once. You do NOT need to have every variant of each ultimate weapon. There are many accessories that you cannot find more than once, so selling your items is not advised. The Survivalist Catalog, the Gold Watch, and the Champion Badge are all items that you should not evolve, because they evolve into other items that are more common. Note: This achievement unlocks Fang’s Gamer Pic for the 360 and her XMB theme for the PS3.

Loremaster - 80 G (Gold) - Reveal the full datalog page for at least 100 enemies. Between fighting some enemies dozens of times, using Libra often, and the sheer number of different enemies in the game, this achievement is no trouble at all. This achievement unlocks Sazh’s gamer pic for the 360 and XMB theme for the PS3.

Superstar - 80 G (Gold) - 5-star the final form of Orphan, the final boss. You can always come back to fight Orphan again after beating the game, so don’t worry about doing it the first time around. This achievement unlocks Lightning’s gamer pic for the 360 and her XMB theme for the PS3.

For unlocking all achievements, you unlock Serah’s gamer pic on the 360 and her XMB theme, as well as the Platinum trophy, for the PS3.

Final Fantasy 13 Grinding and Farming

Having read some of the achievements for Final Fantasy 13 it’s easy to see the need for grinding, both farming Gil to upgrade weapons, and farming CP to max out character levels. So here are some places to grind. If you’re worried about spoilers, read no further.

All CP grinding is made easier by completing mission 55, which nets you the Growth Egg, which doubles CP rewards. All Gil grinding is made easier with the various Catalog items, which increase item drop rates, allowing you to get better items earlier.

Chapter 7 - Esthiem House

FF13 Carbuncle

At the end of Chapter 7 the party reaches Hope’s house. After some heartfelt talks, PSICOM invades. Here the grinding is pretty simple. The house is a roughly circular layout, with a doorway you need to activate to proceed further. Do not activate this doorway! Instead, defeat the two groups of soldiers that stand near the living room, blocking the hallway. From there, run around the circle. Halfway around the circle from each spot, that group of soldiers will respawn.

Farming these soldiers doesn’t get you much CP, though it’s a decent amount for that time in the game. It does, however, get you the chance for Incentive Chips to drop, and these components sell for a reasonable amount of Gil.

Chapter 11+ - Behemoth King Versus Megistotherian

In the far edge of the Archlyte Steppe, right before Ma’habara, you’ll find two giant monsters fighting. One is a behemoth and one is a variant of the large dog-lions. The trick to this battle is killing the Behemoth quickly, before it’s given the chance to stand up and heal. Thankfully, several factors work in your favor. First, you ALWAYS get a preemptive strike against them. Second, both monsters start at 50% HP and are fighting each other. The stronger you are, the easier this becomes. This battle will get you about 13,200 CP per run.

Chapter 11+ - Ochu Pack

Flat-out monster grinding, here. The Ocho Pack is in an area near where you fight the Mark for mission 55, near a chest. There’s no real trick to defeating them, just killing them. This pack will get you 26,600 CP per run, as well as some items that sell for 1K gil each. Useful for CP and money.

Chapter 13+ - Edenhall

From the final area, teleport to Edenhall. Use the Catalog items to increase drop rates. Sacrifices and soldiers drop perfumes, which sell for gil. At the end of the run is an Adamantoise, which you can kill with Vanilla’s Death spell. It drops Platinum Ingots, which sell for quite a bit. Once it’s dead, simply turn around and run back. Running this route can net you a potential million gil per hour or more, if you’re lucky.

Endgame - Giant Turtles

FF13 Fang

All of the giant turtle monsters, such as the adamantoise, adamantortoise, and Long Gui, drop Platinum Ingots. In the end game, once you have ultimate weapons, the top rank of the Crysterium unlocked for primary roles, and so forth, you’re able to kill these with relative consistency. At this point, there’s no faster way for money.

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