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Final Fantasy XIII Cheats, Hints and Guides
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What Sort of Final Fantasy XIII Cheats Are There?

It should be noted that Final Fantasy XIII does not have cheats in the traditional sense - there are no button combos or secret codes to enter to gain invincibility. However, there are a number of parts of the game that can be exploited if a player is having trouble with a particular part of the game. Some of the strategies listed below make the game easier, while others simply make doing something tedious a little quicker.

Accessing the Menu During a Cutscene

One of the most frustrating things for a players is to get into an important boss battle, and have the wrong weapons and equipment selected. Luckily a player can access their menu near the end of a cutscene, allowing them to equip any weapons they will need for the battle.

This is done by pressing the menu button just before the cutscene ends. This allows access to all menu functions, including changing equipped weapons and paradigm shifts.

Upgrading Weapons

Final Fantasy XIII Cheats

All of the stock weapons in Final Fantasy XIII can be upgraded into a super weapon, with high statistics and power in battle. The way to upgrade a weapon can be simply done in two main steps.

  1. By 36 of either Barbed Tail, Vibrant Ooze or Sturdy Bone, and apply it to the weapon. This will cost about 2880 gil. This will mean that the weapon has the full 3x multiplier on it.
  2. Use mechanical items with large experience boosts attached to them to upgrade the weapons. Parts that will give large amount of exp include the Perfect Conductor and Bomb Core. By doing this one or more times, the weapon can be upgraded to its highest possible statistics.

CP Farming Locations

There are a few locations that allow players a virtually unending supply of CP if used correctly.

The easiest location is after the attack on Hope’s home in Parumpolom. The soldiers within the house will continually respawn. By moving through the hallways of the house, the player can trigger this. By doing this the player can earn quite a bit of CP, while collecting items that can sell for quite a bit.

Near the clock tower in the park in chapter 8, there are five robots protecting a chest. They can be killed for 600 CP, and will respawn.

At Gran Pulse, there are two gigantic creatures attacking each other. When the player approaches they will begin to fight. If killed, they will yield 6,600 CP. If the purple colored beast is killed first the fight is a lot easier. Returning to the save point will cause the two to respawn. This can be repeated for a limitless stream of CP

There are plenty of locations where this is possible, so be sure to experiment with all any worthwhile encounters.

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