FFXIII - Mission 27 (Defeating Mithridates)

FFXIII - Mission 27 (Defeating Mithridates)
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FFXIII - Mission 27 (Defeating Mithridates On Gran Pulse)

The player can activate sixty-four separate missions during the latter game of Final Fantasy XIII. These missions allow players to fight and defeat a select mark for a specific loot reward while on the surface world of Gran Pulse. In FFXIII, Mithridates is an enemy that can be fought on this very surface of Gran Pulse during chapter eleven of the game. As one of the Undying, it is one of the more difficult fights players will encounter during their play time. Similar in appearance to Vercingetorix, the creature requires some tactical poise to take down, as its specific set of weaknesses and immunities create an unusual battle mechanic. This article will emphasise and detail some strategies for defeating the FFXIII Mithridates enemy.

Libra Information On Mithridates

The FFXIII, Mission 27 Mithridates encounter is found on the Ground Tier of Taejin’s Tower. The Cie’th stone to activate the enemy is found within the Cloven Spire area of the tower. Furthermore, players have to lure the bird-like creature out of hiding by connecting the main elevator to the ground floor. With over 1,500,000 HP and strength/magic above 1,000, Mithridates has plenty of defensive and offensive tools to keep players guessing. Also, the high stagger rating of 500% allows it to ward off being staggered to some degree. Mithridates, unlike other enemies like Adamantoise, Juggernaut or Neochu, has a plethora of elemental weaknesses, including Wind, Ice, Fire and Water.

To contrast this inherent weakness to elemental damage, the flying foe is immune to almost all status de-buffs. With the exception of Dispel and the Sentinel-specific Provoke, Mithridates cannot be harmed through status spells. While this may hamper the player party from throwing de-buffs, it also concentrates them onto using their own status buffs, such as Haste, Protect or Shell etcetera. With this in mind, players will likely need to choose a magic-centric party when facing Mithridates. As such, both Hope and Vanille are pivotal in buffing and removing de-buffs from party members as Poison can be inflicted on you from the enemy. Either Fang or Lightning should fill the other spot, for Commando/Sentinel purposes.

Paradigm Strategy For Felling Mithridates

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If you can toss a spare Fortisol before the battle, use it, as it can take away the need to cast buffs at the beginning of the battle. With this done, a COM/RAV/RAV or COM/RAV/MED paradigm should be applied when appropriate. Having the tri-daster RAV/RAV/RAV paradigm equipped after sealing the stagger meter with a Commando can get Mithridates staggered quicker. When the boss hits with its de-buff spells, such as Poison, switch to COM/RAV/SYN or COM/MED/SYN to wipe them away before switching back to the attack pattern. This succession of paradigms shifts should allow you to stagger the opponent and eventually defeat it after only two-to-three minutes.

Once Mithridates is defeated and the FFXIII Mission 27 is completed, players will get a Blaze Ring as an initial reward, with repeat offenders being admonished with six Bomb Cores for their atavistic fighting retread. In addition, players will net a very healthy 7,500 Crystarium points to use on levelling their party members. It should be noted that by this point in the progression of the game, during the open world area of chapter 11, characters should be close if not maxed out in their native three classes of choice. From there obviously, players can begin to level up the three remaining classes that have yet to be unlocked or fully explored/developed, in preparation for the Vercingetorix level of boss fights that await players during the missions after this. It should also be noted that players will encounter similar enemies within those remaining missions, however they will be much more powerful.

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