Final Fantasy XIII - Juggernaut Boss Battle Guide

Final Fantasy XIII - Juggernaut Boss Battle Guide
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Final Fantasy XIII - Juggernaut Encounter Guide

In Final Fantasy XIII, Juggernaut is a recurring enemy that players can face during the 64 separate monster hunter/bounty missions found later in the game. Similar to other self-imposed boss fights facing the player in Final Fantasy XIII, Juggernaut is a stern and unassuming test, with a large repository of health and some devastating attacks. On the surface of Gran Pulse, missions allow the player to take down a target monster, in a similar fashion to the bounty system of Final Fantasy XII. This article will serve as a guide to fighting, exclusively in Final Fantasy XII, Juggernaut and how to effectively defeat the hulking mechanical menace.

How To Defeat The Final Fantasy XIII Juggernaut Enemy

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It should be pointed out, before going further, that although there are two missions where players can encounter Juggernaut, he can appear through the later chapters as a normal enemy within the terrain of Gran Pulse. It would be advisable, like many of the upper-echelon enemies that players can face through the missions available via the Cie’th Stones, to avoid any Juggernauts seen during the embryonic stages of Chapter 11 or possibly 12. With that said, the battle can net a weighty amount of Crystarium Points (3,900) and isn’t a truly insurmountable fight for a well-seasoned and battle ready party.

The two separate missions where Juggernaut is fought, as an event battle at least, are numbered 29 and 61. The first of these encounters against a Juggernaut occurs in the Taejin’s Tower - The Palisades area on Gran Pulse. Uraninite is the reward for this first bounty and upon repeat completion, players will be given a drop of 3x Mobius Coil’s. The second of the two Cie’th Stones missions takes place in Oerba Village - Proper and nets the player a Royal Amulet upon completion. A repeat victory will net players 2x Crystal Oscillator, a useful upgrade component. As stated above however, in Final Fantasy XIII, Juggernaut can be met without doing these bounty missions.

Final Fantasy XIII - Juggernaut Strategy & Battle Guide

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Now, for the best strategies when dealing with Juggernaut. Firstly, some Libra-type pointers on the enemy. With over 1,500,000 HP and resistances to both magical and physical damage, it is difficult to accumulate damage against Juggernaut. Furthermore, it’s stagger point of 200% is a high number that, although not impenetrable, is extremely hard to reach more than once or twice. Fortunately, it’s weaknesses may lie in status ailments, as Juggernaut is susceptible to Slow, Deshell, Deprotect, Poison, Imperil and Curse. To take advantage of this, players should start and rotate into a paradigm with Saboteur and Synergist (COM/SAB/SYN), in order to simultaneously buff and de-buff.

After this early buff, using a COM/RAV/RAV paradigm to build up a steady chain gauge percentage should be interspersed with COM/MED/MED healing or COM/MED/RAV secondary chain-building, depending on the severity of the Juggernaut’s attack. In addition to this paradigm setup, throwing out Barfire or equipping some fire resistant items can decrease damage on fire-based attacks, allowing less time spent on healing party members and more on dealing stagger damage. Rotating in a Saboteur after Juggernaut removes status ailments with the Steam Clean ability is essential also. With these things in mind, you should be able to battle Juggernaut and overcome his high-HP and powerful attacks.

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