A List of The Bosses In Final Fantasy XIII That May Cause Trouble

A List of The Bosses In Final Fantasy XIII That May Cause Trouble
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A List of The Bosses In Final Fantasy XIII

The Final Fantasy XIII bosses are plentiful, with a wealth of different monsters, mechanisms and behemoths propelling the storyline & gameplay mechanics inherent to the experience. This plethora of memorable boss battles is similar to other Final Fantasy games in the franchise – and many traditional video games as well – however there are reasons to further explore these enemies, as the game provides a new battle system to fight them. This article tries to provide a list of the bosses in Final Fantasy XIII while giving further detail and some small strategy that may help you in defeating them. Read on for more information on some of the notable Final Fantasy XIII bosses.

The Most Memorable Final Fantasy XIII Bosses

Although there are multiple boss battles in Final Fantasy XIII before this one, our first selection for this article comes in the form of a PSICOM secret weapon, known as the Aster Protoflorian. With the ability to change it’s elemental strengths (and weaknesses), this military unit is a tough challenge for Lightning & Hope, who face off against it during the final moments of chapter 5. Quickly throwing Librascope and buffing the two party members can get the battle off to a good start. From there, shifting between several recovery and attack based paradigms will slowly get the stagger meter filled, where serious damage can be dealt out to the enemy.

Another of the more pivotal Final Fantasy XIII bosses you will likely face comes in the form of a skyship. The Havoc Skytank faces off against a party of Lightning, Fang & Hope. The boss has several appendages and different targets for you to aim for. Perhaps the easiest target to begin with are the missile turrets, which shoot 6 missiles at the party for a moderate amount of damage. After taking out the other targets, the main Skytank will have around 20% of its health remaining, with the ability to stagger it easier also. Remember, as is the case during the fights with these Final Fantasy XIII bosses, players should always toss Librascope and buff themselves at the beginning of almost every event battle.

A List of The Most Difficult Bosses In Final Fantasy XIII

Barthandelus 001

The Cocoon fal’Cie Barthandelus aboard the Palamecia is probably the biggest test in the game up until that point. The key to the fight – after the Librascope/buff combination to begin it – is avoiding or deflecting some of the damage that its ultimate attack Destrudo deals to your chosen party. To effectively stop the onslaught of AoE damage with the Destrudo ability, players should concentrate on attacking Barthandelus while it charges, to decrease the power of its attack. Barthandelus is a recurring Final Fantasy XIII boss battle, meaning players will see a more intense, more difficult and better version of the fal’Cie during the end chapters of the game.

There are various other enemy encounters the player will face throughout the thirteen chapter story. While the early battles mainly introduce newcomers to the battle system and slowly feed them new mechanics, at an almost snail-like pace, the speed and constant upward difficulty curve create an enjoyable and plausible challenge to the player. After the world quasi-opens up to the player and they are free to roam it during chapter 11, the end-game begins to form in the characters minds and subsequently there are a list of bosses in Final Fantasy XIII with serious health, strength and magical ability, just waiting to fight the players selected party of three.

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