A Walkthrough for the Gapra Whitewood in Chapter 5 of Final Fantasy XIII

A Walkthrough for the Gapra Whitewood in Chapter 5 of Final Fantasy XIII
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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough: Chapter 5

After gaining control, move ahead and save your game. Feel free to check the shop but the new items aren’t worth buying. That is if you even have the Gil for them. Before tackling the first group of enemies, level your characters up. The slug like enemies, Frag Leechs', aren’t tough at all. After they’re eliminated, follow the mini-map arrow.

When you come to it and after the cutscene, activate the lift. Save your game when the lift stops. Then move along the path. The area here really is straight-forward, with no diverging paths. When you approach the next story marker though, an Alpha Behemoth will be sighted just off the beaten track and it’s guarding a treasure orb. The orb contains three Antidotes.

The Research Corridor

After regaining control, take the next lift. Save your game and continue along the path. The first decoy off the beaten path occurs when you see two Vespids guarding an orb, which contains a Hawkeye weapon for Hope. It’s an upgrade, so equip it and follow the mini-map directions. Eventually, you’ll come to a Alpha Behemoth and two Thexterons. I’d recommend killing the Thexterons first, so that you’ll be taking less damage overall.

After you’ve watched the cutscene and also saved your game, use the lift to go to the next area of the chapter.

Bio Weapon Research Site D

Final Fantasy XIII: The pens.

When you regain control, move ahead and you’ll watch another cutscene. You’ll see pen-like areas containing the monsters. The objective here is to eliminate the monsters, so that the security fields blocking your passage are taken down, as the Primer explains. So, go through the area making sure you eliminate the enemies, while following the mini-map directions.

Eventually, a cutscene will play where you need to fight a Feral Behemoth. It may be wise to switch to the Synergist role for this fight so that you can cast shell and protect on Hope and Lightning. Other than that though, it’s straight-forward. When it dies, a cutscene will play informing you that you’ve tripped the security alarm.

You’ll come to a large batch of Crawler enemies after following the path a bit more. Don’t be intimidated by the amount of them though. They won’t trouble you much.

Control Switches

After they fall and you reach the next story marker, you’ll be given control of Lightning. Continue along the path and save your game. Instead of following the mini-map directions, divert off the path a bit to the north of the save point for a treasure orb containing a Star Pendant. Then follow the mini-map directions again.

Eventually, you’ll find a new enemy called a Barbed Specter. Defeat it and open the orb for an Edged Carbine weapon for Lightning. Use it only if you’re using magic based roles. Continue after acquiring the weapon. Further down, you’ll run into another Feral Behemoth. Use the same tactics as before against it. Afterwards, you’ll gain access to a new retailer. Move on.

Final Fantasy XIII: Feral Behemoth held captive in a narrow passage.

After saving, there’s a Behemoth held captive in a narrow passage just to the north of the save-point. You should kill it for the treasure orb containing 1500 Gil. Just north-east of that orb is another containing eight Vials of Fragrant Oil. Now, head towards the story marker but instead of taking that route, go to the left to fight a Barbed Specter and Feral Behemoth. The orb here contains a Watchman Amulet. Then, use the lift at the story marker.

How to Beat Aster Protoflorian

Save your game and follow the mini-map directions. After killing some soldiers and mechanical enemies, you’ll be at another savepoint. Use it. After killing the enemies directly opposite you, move to the story marker and activate the object. This’ll trigger a cutscene and a boss fight. In my opinion, this is the first tough fight and one that needs strategy. It is called Aster Protoflorian.

Final Fantasy XIII: Aster Protoflorian.

Firstly, start out by casting Libra. It is resistant to elemental magic. That’ll be the first thing you notice. However, it can imbue itself with various elemental attacks and the weaknesses will also change. So, you’re going to make sure you keep switching Hope to the Synergist role to give you protection against magic, physical and elemental attacks. You can tell what element the boss is using by what colour it is and you’ll also see like lightening sparks on the flower bud/seed thing at its back.

The chapter is complete after moving to the next story marker, following Aster Protoflorian’s defeat.

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