Rob Kentworth

Crysis PS3 Walkthrough: Levels 1 – 3

If you’re looking for information on what to do for the first three levels of Crysis on the PS3, then you’ll find the help you may require here. Directions are given, alongside details of some of the obstacles you may face, and weapon and ammo locations are also described.

Dead Nation Review

A review for Dead Nation, a downloadable title from the PSN that’s a Playstation 3 exclusive. It’s a twin-stick shooter from the people who created Super Stardust HD that sees you blasting away hordes of zombies.

Infamous Review (PS3)

This is a review for Infamous, the prequel to Infamous 2 that was recently released. It’s a Sony PS3 exclusive title, made by a company called Sucker Punch. It’s also an open-world type game, which sees you controlling a new super-hero by the name of Cole McGrath.