Final Fantasy 101: Final Fantasy History

Final Fantasy 101: Final Fantasy History
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Created by Hinorobu Sakaguchi, the Final Fantasy series started to make waves as early as the first Final Fantasy game was released in 1987 for the NES. The Final Fantasy game series can be grouped into three based on the console where the games were released. FFI to FFIII for the NES, FFIV-VI for the Super NES, FFVII to FFIX for the Playstation, FFX to X-2 for the Playstation 2. And coming soon, Final Fantasy XIII for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Final Fantasy for the NES and FAMICOM

  • Final Fantasy - this game was released for the Japanese market in 1987 and North America in 1990. This game set many new innovations and trends in the console RPG genre. Storyline involves four adventurers' quest to balance the four elements of the world.

  • Final Fantasy II - Japanese release was in 1988. Tells the story of four youths who resisted an evil tyrant’s military campaign against the world. This is also the first FF game where the famous Chocobos and Final Fantasy game’s resident hero CID made their first appearance.

  • Final Fantasy III - released for the Famicom in 1990, this game introduced the famous FF Job System, where individual characters can be trained to perform various jobs - attacker, healer, and defender. It tells the story of four orphaned heroes who discovered a crystal which grants them powers to restore world balance.

Final Fantasy for the SNES

  • Final Fantasy IV - As the Nintendo Entertainment System got an upgrade to Super Nintendo System with 32-bit graphic capability, and so is the Final Fantasy game. FFIV was released as FFII in North America and tells the story of a dark knight and his quest to save the world from a powerful villain. This is also the game where the now famous FF “Active Time Battle” system was introduced.

  • Final Fantasy V - release in Japan in 1992, this FF game tells the story of a wanderer and his allies in their quest to stop an evil villain. The FF’s Job System was expanded in this game as well.

  • Final Fantasy VI - released for the SNES sometime in 1994 and was later on released in North America as Final Fantasy III. This game tells the story of a group of rebels as they fight an evil dictator. FFVI also introduced more battle customization options and more playable casts.

Final Fantasy for the Playstation

  • Final Fantasy VII - FFVII was released for Sony’s new game console, the Playstation in 1997. It was the first FF game which featured a 3D computer graphics for rendering the game environments and polygonal characters on pre-rendered backgrounds. This game marks the appearance of the very famous FF characters Cloud Strife and Sephirof. And this happens to be my favorite FF game as well.

  • Final Fantasy VIII - a follow-up to the highly successful FFVII, this game was released for the Playstation in 1999.It was the first FF game which have the characters look like more human, and the first FF game with vocal narrations and dialogues. The story revolves around a group of heroes who were out to stop an evil sorceress from instigating an international war.

  • Final Fantasy IX - the last FF game released for the Playstation console in 2000. Contrary to the two previous FF games, FFIX went back to its roots and become more traditional in game play and look. It tells the story of a hero trying to stop an evil queen from waging a war.

Final Fantasy for the Playstation 2

  • Final Fantasy X - the first FF game released for Sony’s second generation console in 2001. It introduced full 3D areas as well as voice acting for the characters. Immediately, this FF game got a direct sequel in Final Fantasy X-2 Multi-Gaming Final Fantasy Games.

  • Final Fantasy XI - released for the Playstation 2, PC and Xbox 360. It was the first Final Fantasy MMORPG and features real-time battle rather than the infamous random encounters.

  • Final Fantasy XII - released for the PS2 in 2006, this FF game tells the story of two empires waging war at each other. It also features real battle system, gambit system and license board for character building.

Final Fantasy Spinoffs

Aside from the Final Fantasy games mentioned, the series also managed to create some spinoff games:

  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
  • Chocobo Games
  • Final Fantasy VII Compilation
  • Final Fantasy Movie Advent Children
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Mana Series
  • SaGa
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Final Fantasy X-2
  • Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Final Fantasy Cover Art

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